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New Game Released - Fruitee! - by David J. Smith

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Here the game of summer 2020!
After some months of development, David J. Smith presents us: Fruitee!
It's a new great Logic game for two-player or against the TI-99/4A AI 1f642.png:)
you can read the review and also try it online! scrolling the page bottom, you will also found files to use with emulators and real TI99: .BIN, .DSK and also Sources!

The game support joystick and speech Synthesizer features!


354486253_Fruitee!-0.thumb.jpg.b01dee998aaee65fc0821ddf0391c14a.jpg  1104854524_Fruitee!-3.thumb.jpg.d09e4a7a19817b33231d9b1276a5b327.jpg  1908338483_Fruitee!-9.thumb.jpg.d26e3d29b9ff3f5fffe42b53c400ff3c.jpg


FRUITEE is an arcade style strategy game, where each player navigates their FRUITEE droid to drop their hungry FRUITEE balls through the fruit orchard to reach home. Points are awarded for eating fruit and navigating the obstacles within the orchard to reach home. The player with the most points per level wins the level. FRUITEE has 9 levels with each level becoming more challenging as the game progresses.


Traps stop the FRUITEE ball in its’ tracks and can be used to block your opponent or give you a delayed bonus score. At the end of the level, when each player has played all their FRUITEE balls a BONUS ROUND is automatically played out. The player with their FRUITEE ball above the trap will gain 70 bonus points plus any of the fruit the FRUITEE ball eats on the way to home. 

Tunnels allow a FRUITEE ball to travel randomly from one part of the FRUITEE orchard to another, allowing more fruit to be eaten and more points to be earned. 

Arrows change the direction of the FRUITEE ball to travel either left or right. Once an arrow is hit, it is automatically flipped to the opposite direction for the next time the path is played. 

Mystery Prizes appear on the higher levels and will randomly reveal themselves to be arrows or fruit. You have to take a chance on the outcome, you might have an arrow sending your FRUITEE into a different direction or you might be eating fruit and scoring lots of points! 

FRUITEE features 1 player mode against the TI-99 or 2 player mode against another human opponent. FRUITEE can be played with keyboard and joysticks simultaneously.



The default keyboard can be re-programmed from the default keys, by selecting option 3. SELECT KEYS. 


Any left - LEFT
Any right - RIGHT
Centre and down - DROP
Fire button - DROP

For 2 player games it is recommended to use the joysticks, one for each player.


FRUITEE has volume and audio control. To turn audio on/off press the 1 key during game play.
To decrease the audio volume press the < (less than) key
To increase the audio volume up press the > (greater than) key


FRUITEE uses the additional TI Speech Synthesiser. To turn on/off speech press the 2 key during game play.
Once speech has been turned on, the TI will talk during game play. The speech is primarily used in 1 player mode against the TI. 



Comments, feedback and bug reports welcome!
FRUITEE! Is developed in Extended Basic and complied to machine code using Isabella. The Extended Basic source code is provided in the download for those interested in gaming development. 

Please note: 32K RAM memory module required



          (scroll down the page to find all files to Downloads)




labels for the cart included in the .zip file :)

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Here is a working RPK; the one contained in the zip file does not work.

(The type was set as "standard", which is wrong, as there are no standard cartridges with 32K ROM; I made it work as "paged378".)


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52 minutes ago, mizapf said:

Here is a working RPK; the one contained in the zip file does not work.


thanks mizapf! :) I had only tried with JS99er and it worked so i had trust :) 😛 
i will update  updated the file into the zip with this version. nice info also.

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2 hours ago, ti99iuc said:

I had only tried with JS99er and it worked so i had trust.

JS99er is only interested in whether the ROM is inverted (paged379) or not (anything else). 

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