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Competition Pro + RF Switch in need of repair

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I have a Competition Pro joystick and a 5200 RF switch box both in need of repairs. 


Im not handy at soldering or such.  I welcome offers to repair, or maybe some kind of work-trade offer---someone willing to try and repair them, and if successful, either i sell the (now fixed) item to you at a discount price, or you offer me a price for the cost of the repairs?  Or some other idea?


The joystick has 2 known issues:  the exterior chord housing is detatched from the body of the joystick, exposing the inner wires.  Not sure if this is purely a cosmetic problem at the moment, or causing other issues.  The wires are still running into the inside of the joystick and seem intact to the eye.    The second issue is a malfunction while playing.  It seemed like the joystick gets uncentered "sometimes", but sometimes works fine.  Otherwise, this valuable joystick is in fine condition.



The RF Switch works, but the wire that protrudes from the socket (that attaches to the antenna socket on the TV) snapped off a bit, and is shorter than it should be. Therefore, it doesnt always cleanly connect to the antenna socket.  Still works, but wire is shorter than ideal.


Thoughts/offers/suggestions welcome.  These are just sitting in my "repairs needed" box and i would love them to be working again---in either my collection, or someone else's.



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hmn the ideas i have for repair ive done this with genesis controllers


where the outer wire sleeve cracks at the stress relief

disconnect the inner wires pull them through then peel out the wire sleeve tube from the stress relief


then lube  up the wire with alcohol  slip it back through the stress relief then put a ziptie on it so it cant pull back through


with the competition pro i like making a little dongle with a start button and two 240k resistors so you can just play



with the switch box open it up carefully peel the shielding away from the cord use an exacto to cut a bit of the white inner insulation and then with needle nose pliers pull the center wire out a bit more from atari's spiffy push on f-connector

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wanted to say thanks for the advice @bohoki.  You inspired me to work on these myself.  Did some tinkering tonight....not sure if it will work out but thanks again for taking the time to comment.

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