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VCF Midwest 15 Virtual Event! (fwd)

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat,  8 Aug 2020 14:26:31 +0000
From: VCFMW Planning Committee <[email protected]>
Subject: VCF Midwest 15 Virtual Event!


Let's do this thing online


                           A Virtual VCF Midwest?


We're going to try...
The year is 2020. It should have been the 15th Vintage Computer Festival Midwest, exceeding Number 14 in size and scope and all dimensions and laying (temporary) waste to another hotel ballroom.  Instead, in between our masked forays into the Outerworld, we retire Smaug-like to our silicon hoards, awaiting hapless adventures not with flame but with fables: new projects, new acquisitions, new discoveries and, as ever, old electrons coaxed into motion again.


So why wait another year?


In lieu of an in-person show this year, we invite you to submit a video presentation for VCF Midwest!  It can be the talk you were hoping to give on stage, a presentation of what would have been your exhibit, a tour of your collection or any other way you can dream up to show off your classic computing collections and projects. We only ask that it be on-topic for our event and that the audio is clear enough that you can be understood by your audience. No recording next to the running VAX!


To join in the virtual fun, send us a video from 15 to 45 minutes in length following the instructions below. Your video will then be presented on the VCFMW YouTube channel

as a YouTube Premiere

in your time slot, where you can field questions in the real time chat as it plays. The chat comments will be archived, so they can be replayed for future repeat viewings.


If you've got an idea for a video, email us before September 1 (the sooner the better!) at [email protected] with:
 *  How you’d like to be credited (real name or alias ok)
 *  A one-line title/topic for your video
 *  A short paragraph as an Abstract (plaintext, but can include URLs)
 *  What time of day (morning, afternoon, or evening) you’d prefer your
    video shown
If accepted, completed videos are due to us by Noon on Monday, September 7th. You can get your video to us in one of three ways:
 *  Provide a download link for us to pick it up (FTP, dropbox, mega.nz,
    uucp, fidonet, etc.)
 *  Upload via anonymous FTP to ftp.oldskool.org in the /incoming directory
 *  If you have no edit capability and would like to stream directly to
    Youtube from your phone or tablet, go ahead and do so, making your video
    “Unlisted”, then email us
    mailto:[email protected]?subject=VCFMW 15 Video Link

    the link and we’ll pick it up.
Be sure to include some or all of the filename in your email so that we match videos up with the right people.


Please note that presentation submissions, as well as time slots, are subject to VCFMW officer approval.


We'll see you online!


- The VCF Midwest Crew


Twitter: https://twitter.com/vcfmidwest
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/342920329690394/
Website: http://vcfmw.org
Email: mailto:[email protected]

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