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Wanted: 7800 console. Working or not.

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I really need a7800 for the bottom half of the case. I cracked mine doing an av mod. That's what I get for taking shortcuts. 


I'm looking to buy a dead system for the case, or a working system with power supply. I'll mod it and keep my current as a backup. It actually glued together well... 


Thanks for reading, let me know if anyone has the above for sale. 


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6 hours ago, amiman99 said:

I cracked mine too, I think the plastic is super brittle.

I have a dead system on the way to use the case. This time I have a plastic drill bit with no rake so it doesn't pull up on the plastic. We'll see...... 

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The secret to drilling into the plastic on these old consoles (Especially the 7800 and 5200) is to use either a step drill bit, or in my case I use a 1/16 standard bit to make a pilot hole and then I have exact size forstner bits to make the actual holes with. The forstner bits will cut into the plastic in a smooth wide pattern. As such they take longer to get through the plastic and will create a lot of debris but if you take it somewhat slot and steady, it will make a nice clean hole without damage to the plastic. I've only had one 7800 case sorta crack on me and that was before I had the right size forstner bit. I used to use the 1/16 bit, then use a 1/2" forstner, and then used a larger actual size larger drill bit to widen the 1/2" hole. But it would sometimes grab on one side too much and make the hole off center in the process or take off too much and crack a bit. But with forstners it hasn't been an issue.


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