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1200xl with RamboXL and APE WarpOS 32-in-1 issues.

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1 minute ago, Gunstar said:

Quite a few demos, but other than that, there is Yie Ar Kung Fu and Bomjack file versions. There are a couple XEGS cart titles that the .xex versions of require 320K, instead of 256K, because they have enhancements; these include Commando+ and Mean 18+. The Last Word processor can use upto 320K. It can be utilized with SpartaDOS in a number of ways.

Great, now I want to mod my XEGS... Actually kind of wanted to anyhow, just the RAM, and keep it fully composite.  :P  Interesting I was unaware of those.

For Last Word / SpartaDOS, I have my modded 130xe, which has U1MB, Rapidus, VBXE, and Stereo Pokey.  So there is that.  Though if I'm going to do any typing, I much prefer the 1200xl keyboard for sure!

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12 hours ago, leech said:

Yeah, I was thinking about the pickyback... anyone know if there are dram chips that are 512k instead?  Couldn't you t hen just swap out the chips?


7 hours ago, Gunstar said:

I have no idea if there are pin-compatible 512K dram or not, even on simm boards I have from PC's or ST's that were 1, 2, 4 megs, they were still using 256K drams.


DRAM normally increases in multiples of 4 because each address pin is used for both column and row, so each address pin added allows access to 4 times as many memory locations.

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