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FS: My NES Collection Punchout, Zelda, And More!

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Up for sale is most of my NES collection (I kept four, just in case I want to start collecting for it again). There are birthdays and holidays coming up in my family, and I'd rather have a head start this year instead of waiting last minute.


(NOTE: I do not have an NES to test these on, but they all worked the last time I played them, and their contacts will be cleaned as well. Despite being 99% sure they work, they will be sold AS-IS)


The games for sale are:


NARC (Great condition)$4


Tennis (Has some rattles and the top is damaged from a drop)$5


Punchout (featuring Mr. Dream) (Good Condition)$10


Ice Climber (Great Condition)


Kung Fu (Good Condition)


Donkey Kong JR. (5-screw) (Has scratch on the back, but other than that, it's in good condition) $10


Legend of Zelda (Has dark spots from the gold coloring coming off, Battery worked last time I played it (although I can't guarantee it'll work now, you know how unreliable those things are))$6


(Buyer pays shipping)


Offers are welcome.


I can only ship to the Contiguous U.S. and I can only ship (at most) 2 at a time (reasoning for this is that I don't have something big enough that can hold all of them).




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Shipping supplies have arrived, so I can now start shipping 2 at a time again!


Also bump.

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