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Pinned thread compendium: Cart/ROM images, UberGROM, TIPI software, manuals, tele-meeting, photos, OT, and more

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This topic contains references some of the important threads of the AtariAge Texas Instruments forum.  This should help keep the top of the forum clean so users can more easily see active threads without the wall of pinned threads.

Reference resource, especially important for first-time visitors

"README.1ST, new users and F.A.Q." thread
Extensive and omprehensive information on the forum and TI-99 in general





Gatherings, meetings, and events

(Some redundancy to the FAQ thread)


"Regular Zoom tele-meeting of 99ers" thread

Started during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cannot come to the TI? They bring the TI to you!


Software and hardware stuff

"The uberGROM mega-thread" thread
Repository for information and software for the UberGROM cartridge

"TIPI-enabled software" thread
Software which can make use of the TIPI's ever-expanding power


"TIPI Usage and Support" thread

Support and usability questions and tips

Software and accoutrements repository

(Special thanks to @Omega-TI for keeping these updated)

"Images for FlashROM 99 (FR99) and FinalGROM 99 (FG99)" thread
Cartridge binaries compatible with each or both the FR99 and FG99

"ROM burning images" thread
Cartridge and other images for burning your own cartridges and ROMs

"Manuals, keyboard strips, labels, and much more" thread
Scans and re-makes of various manuals, keyboard strips, etc., as well as printable 3D objects

Fun stuff

"TI-99 Photos" thread
The TI-99 and related equivalent of a "battle station" thread


"Off-Topic" thread
General thread for our community to dump items of interest


"TI-99 related eBay finds" thread

eBay stuff for our TI stuff


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