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On 8/28/2020 at 12:19 AM, Floyd Turbo said:

I use my dedicated 4 Way joystick for this game.  Nothing more frustrating the trying to turn around and jumping.  

That helps with the accidental jumps but you need an 8-way stick in Rush'N Attack to jump forward or backward.

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Star Castle is unplayable with a joystick, IMO.  The real cabinet just uses buttons - a pair on the left for left/right rotate, and pair on the right for thrust/fire.  This can be easily mimicked using a keyboard.  Also, if you have a 2-player control panel you can use the P1 side for rotate and the P2 side for thrust/fire.

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Rush'n A - 70,200

Tumble Pop - 96,300

Eyes - 56,700

Star Castle - 4,330


SC has to be the game with the least hits-to-points ratio. So much work for little reward.

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On 8/26/2020 at 12:25 AM, Razzie.P said:

Rush 'N Attack -- 246,060


Finally finished the first round (It just loops with increased difficulty) so figured it's a good "starter" score.


Every time I died on this run was caused by the same BS error -- I meant to turn around, and accidentally jumped.  Thinking about mapping "up" to a button to prevent that.  That sort of thing allowed?  Or we like to keep it as close to the original control scheme as possible?




250k is a lofty goal on ol Rushn Attack.  

I'm a gonna go after it.

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Day 9 Update for the Forgy Pack.

Name          Rush     Tumble     Star     Eyes

Atari                          80,600     4,050    189,590

Razzie         246,060  105,700    5,840    194,070

Road            11,350    35,600     3,970    198,860

Floyd            33,100    63,100     1,060     78,220

MAME         186,280    105,000   5,990    383,860

Youxia          70,200     96,300    4,330      56,700

Hero2                                             10


I pretty sure this is correct.   




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12 hours ago, Hero2millions said:

Rush 8,950 I find this one a little bland



Rush'N Attack was my pick but I can fully admit that it's an objectively unremarkable game.  Not sure why I like it, I just do.  It definitely gets better once you start making some progress in it. 


Here are some quick tips for noobs:


- you have to learn how the different enemy types behave so you are not always guessing.  The first lesson in this regard is that any enemy that has a weapon (gun, bazooka, grenades, rocket launcher thingy) will go up and down ladders to get you, so you need to keep them in the corner of your eye if they're on a different floor but there are ladders they can use.  The blue guys with guns can fake you out sometimes by running past a ladder, stopping, turning around, and coming after you.  But if there is a ladder between you and them, they will use it every time, no exceptions.  The basic foot soldier guys that come running at you in groups of 1-3 do not use ladders so if they're on a different floor you don't need to worry about them.


- you have to keep an eye out for the dreaded "jump kick" guys.  They have a fairly distinct look to them but you can sometimes miss them if there are lots of enemies on the screen.  These guys can cause a lot of frustrating deaths, for sure.  The surest way to kill them is, once you see one approaching, stand still and let him come to you.  When he gets close jump straight upward while mashing your attack button.  He will jump kick right into your knife and die.  The jump kick guys do not use the ladders, so if you're on a different floor and see one, you can safely ignore him. 


- when you get shooting weapons, use them.  There are lots of them to pick up so there is absolutely no point in "saving" them when you get some.  The only exception to this is if you want to make sure you have some ammo for certain parts of a level.  For example, the jump kick guys tend to appear at certain spots every time.  Saving a flame thrower blast for those spots is a sure way to get through easily.   


- the jump kick guys, as mentioned above, tend to appear at the same spots in every game.  But, in the grand tradition of Evil Otto, there will also be some random ones inserted if you progress too slowly from left to right in the level.  On that note, you really need to hustle on level 2 if you want to be able to clear the full level without running out of time. 


- 1st level boss battle: dead simple.  Just keep three shots of the last weapon you pick up, and when the troop truck comes on the screen, run to the far left and wait for the first group of enemies to charge at you.  Just as the first guy is about to get you, fire your weapon.  Repeat for the next 2 waves.  Couldn't be simpler. 


- 2nd level boss battle: a bit trickier, but still very simple.  When you hear the "siren" move immediately to the center of the screen and face left, mashing your attack button.  The soldiers and their dogs will run right into your blade and die.  When that wave from the left ends, quickly switch to facing right while lying on the ground and mashing your attack button.  Again, all the soldiers and dogs run right into your blade and die.  Now switch back to standing up and facing left.  Then again to facing right while lying down.  Keep alternating these two positions until it's over.  Dead simple. 



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Rush 'n Attack 18,100. After my first experience with this game I wasn't planning on competing for it at all, but I figured I should at least get a score up on the board. I'm actually starting to like it.

Rush 'n Attack.png

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Tumble Pop - 45,100

EDIT: Ignore my statement below....duh! I plead lack of sleep. My scores were getting recorded. I just failed to notice that the Hall of Fame was in two columns and I was only looking at the right most one.


Weird...after I had pretty much filled up the game's Hall of Fame, it quit accepting scores and would not record my high scores even if they were better than the ones there. I had to resort to taking a screenshot just as I lost my last life to get a record of my score. I actually had one over 50,000, but I don't remember exactly what it was. That's when I discovered it wasn't being saved to the Hall of Fame.


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