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ST Ports 4.2 Beast Syndrome

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8 hours ago, JaggingUK said:

Actually quite glad there will be no more for a while as the Mrs goes crazy how much I have spent since all the ST games started so a little break for my bank balance will be a good thing :)


Yep...totally.  Could use a short break...these did a number on my bank account.  Just "did the math" and it worked out to about $3500 for the full ST set not including shipping (44 X $80) 🤦‍♂️


BUT....How FUN are many of these games?!  Super fun and worth every penny. 

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That’s exactly why I have to pick and choose. I have the Minter collection, Stunt Car Racer, the Dizzy games, and Xenon 2 on order. I am really glad that Head over Heels is commercially available thanks to @PikoInteractive! That is going to be my next physical purchase. I hope my number comes up for a Skunkboard or a GameDrive before too long.


I would give my right kidney for Time Bandit. I wonder who owns the Michtron IP.

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