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James app-2008

Stargate display

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i just got a stargate cart. I bought off ebay. 

I can take a screenshot. But wondered if anyone could help me. Basically the border on the left of my screen. There is a line that is uneven. 

the game otherwise looks good. But the line on the left of my screen goes down a little bit, then from there it goes down at a different point of the screen? 

can anyone help me? Is this normal, my other games I put in two don’t do this?


is this normal? 

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5 hours ago, James app-2008 said:

Here is a screen shot. 




57 minutes ago, Klemen said:

This line is normal (see: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/266659-blue-vertical-lines-on-2600), but it seems that your color saturation on the TV is turned up way too high making the effect more pronounced.


I have not seen that with my own Stargate cart (confirmed just now on my usual CRT gaming TV), nor does Stella show anything like that with the ROM. 

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This is my Defender II cart.


It's how it's always looked to me!


Any reason this game and Double Dragon get that interference fuzz?

Seems like I might have one other cart or two that do suffer it as well, can't think of them now...


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That vertical lines look like a TV problem to me. The left one is shifted in the lower part, because the game has HMOVE blanks there.

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