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PS1 RPG Beyond the Beyond (Includes?)

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Hi Everyone,I am thinking about buying "beyond the beyond" for playstation 1,does anyone know the contents of the game being complete?

It is a thick double type case,the one i am looking at has-The game case,manual and single disc (3 pieces only)

I want to know if it is supposed to have a demo disc or a map


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I have this game, and I do not recall it including a demo disk or a map. 


Normally, if there is a demo disk included, it would be indicated on the back of the packaging. A small handful of later RPGs included a demo disk, but Beyond the Beyond was a very early title (one of the very first English language RPGs on the system).


I have never seen a PSX RPG include a separate map -- though I do not have any of the special/deluxe releases that included various extras.  


Be warned that this is not a very good game. It looks and feels like a Genesis port (even though it is an original title). 

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