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Best Plain Old TI BASIC Games (w/MP3)

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39 minutes ago, Elia Spallanzani fdt said:

Found a game in mp3 and "voc" file (https://sites.google.com/site/theosbazaar/Home/free-download---public-domain/Lasdef.rar?attredirects=0&d=1). How do you convert mp3 in ti99 file?

Need to convert it to wav to be used in Classic99 or one of the tape converters (CS1er or Tape99/4a.)


I like to use SoX or ffmpeg for my conversions.

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1 hour ago, Elia Spallanzani fdt said:

I converted the mp3 file to wav, both in mono 8bit 44100 format for cs1er and in wav 16bit for classic99, and neither works.

Just had a look.  Ugh.  These are pretty terrible, digitally.  They are already 8-bit and only 11kHz.  Technically speaking, we should be able to successfully get data from them even at 8kHz, but the conversion utilities only work at 44kHz.


Possibly, your best bet is to feed these files directly into a TI console and re-work the samples.  I do not expect it to be impossible to get data from these files, just gonna take some work.


EDIT: I converted the MP3 to 16-bit WAV at 44.1kHz, then ran it through a couple of rounds of noise reduction (there is an underlying buzz in the audio,) then amplified the output.  That got some response from CS1er, but no good data results.


EDIT2: ooooo it also has an ugly negative DC bias on it.

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Oh, heck yeah.  Couple of rounds of equalization and amplification, plus the use of a USB sound adapter.  Bingo, bango, bongo.



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