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Wanted: Neo Geo USA AES console, will trade Jaguar games *DONE*

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I started thinking today about when I used to own a Neo Geo AES console as a kid. I was not a rich kid, but I did have a really nice grandmother ;) I ended up with the console and only two games as a kid before I pretty much gave up on collecting it.


Years later I did collect it again, this time about 20 games. But, I gave up again...just too expensive.


But now there are solutions such as the NeoSD and that looks cool. I have decided that I need a Neo-Geo again!


I have a vast Jaguar game cart collection...around 60 carts. Half are loose, half are complete. Not that I am going to be trading 60 games for a Neo Geo, but I was considering first selling some games starting with the more expensive titles (Protector (non-SE version), Breakout 2000, Defender 2000, Worms, and many more) in order to gain funds for a Neo Geo AES console (with PSU, controller, av cables, maybe a memory card) and then sell some more for that NeoSD unit.


I think at this point I can probably sell around 10 games and have more than enough to do this, but before I go that route I figured I would throw a shout out here first. Maybe somebody has a nice working complete (box is not necessary, but would be nice!) Neo Geo AES console that they would like to trade in order to boost their Jaguar cart collection.


I am planning only on keeping the games that I regularly play (some homebrews, Ruiner, Tempest, Wolfenstein). But I think the rest may just go. I do not currently have a list, but will soon.


If you have a nice Neo Geo setup that you would want to part with let me know!




EDIT: Started selling games and obtained a Neo Geo. No need for the console anymore, thanks!

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