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FastBasic 4.4 - Spring 2020 Release

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Finally I released the new FastBasic version, with all the improvements from the last beta version and a few more fixes. From the github release text:


Changes in the IDE:

  • BREAK key handling in the IDE - this was long overdue, now you can press BREAK key to return to the IDE from your program.
  • COPY/PASTE of lines to the editor, you need to press CONTROL-C to make a line to copy, then when you press CONTROL-V that line is copied after the current one. Pressing CONTROL-V multiple times copies multiple lines. This needed a change from CONTROL-V to CONTROL-I for the page-down action.
  • Go to Line, pressing CONTROL-G moves the cursor to any given line, this makes editing larger programs easier.
  • Allows usage of the page-up and page-down keys on the 1200XL keyboard (SHIFT-F1 and SHIFT-F2), in addition to CONTROL-U and CONTROL-I.


Changes to the language:

  • Adds CLR statement, that un-dimension arrays and sets all variables to 0.
  • Adds WSYNC command to the DLI, allows setting multiple lines in one DLI.
  • Adds & operator for abbreviating the ADR() function.
  • Allows abbreviations for some BASIC functions and operators and skipping the parenthesis on most functions, allowing to write shorter code, see the manual for details.
  • Minor incompatible change: The abbreviations for ELSE, ENDIF, PMGRAPHICS and PMHPOS changed to make them more consistent and smaller.


Changes to the cross-compiler:

  • Allows to compile to code that can be put in a cartridge - by removing all uses of self-modifying-code and adding a stub to copy the zeropage interpreter from ROM to RAM at startup.
  • Allows accessing to DATA's from external assembly files.
  • Adds a DATA FILE statement that includes binary data from external files.
  • The CC65 tools are included in the distribution, you don't need to install CC65 to use the cross-compiler anymore.



The new release is over github, download at: https://github.com/dmsc/fastbasic/releases/tag/v4.4


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Thank you very much Daniel, your work is much appreciated.

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