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Two thumbsticks of two wirelessly connected Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons can now work for playing Robotron 2084

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I've come up with some new ways to use Switch Joy-cons on the Atari 5200 Console (as well as other Atari consoles), and there's some really good news about the two stick games, Robotron 2084 and Space Dungeon.  They feel great being played with thumbsticks.


The two stick method requires that you'll need to purchase the following items:

1) Two Ikonsgr74 (Ebay) 9 pin to Atari 5200 controller adapters

2) Two 8bitdo Retro Receivers for the Sega Genesis

3) Two cords around 5 to 8 inches long that have 9 or more internal electrical wires

4) Two Male 9 pin solderless connectors (db9) and two female 9 pin solderless connectors (db9).

5) Nintendo Switch left and right Joycons with Grip/recharger.


After you have these items just follow the instructions I have for you here (explained midway into the presentation) to get it all set up (soldering a wire onto the board of the 2020-released Ikonsgr 9 pin to 5200 adapter is required):


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I got the 3rd party Joycons for this 5200 and 7800 purpose specifically. The 1st party Joycons were loaned to me by my daughter who owns a Switch console.

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I hadn't thought about trying the 8itdo Sega retro receivers for Atari stuff... I kind of want to go buy one or two, now.

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