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ATARI FAN #1 in English is here !!!

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We are proud to present "Atari Fan", a brand new printed magazine dedicated to all ATARI computers and consoles. Previously only available in the Polish language, this is the first issue that we are making available to a wider English-speaking audience.
All information about the magazine itself and its history you can read directly on our website www.atarifan.xyz, where you will also find a detailed list of articles available in this first English edition. We hope that it will whet your appetite for the kinds of articles that we will be bringing to you going forward.
Unique to this magazine is the fact that most text comes with additional information available in the form of QR codes, which will redirect to our website, where you can find materials assigned to the articles.
And yes, it's fuji all the way down! The magazine is laid out entirely on Atari computers – an Atari Falcon 030 with a CT63 accelerator card and CTPCI, with support from a rare computer designed specifically for DTP applications, the Hades 060. The whole magazine is composed using the legendary Calamus SLC 2015 "Complete Edition".
Get hyped in the meantime by enjoying this what is perhaps a first for any magazine, an invitation to its release running on a classic Atari 8-bit computer. This was created by the LAMERS group, and presented at the recent "Function" demoscene event in Hungary:
You may also enjoy this short video about the history of Atari Fan magazine by Nowy80:
September 23rd is the release date of the magazine and it will be available for purchase for 12 EUR.
All information and details can be found at www.atarifan.xyz, where you will soon enough also be able to purchase a subscription.
We're looking forward to bringing back this classic format with a splash, and hope that you enjoy receiving these issues as much as we enjoy making them!
With Atari greetings,
Editor in Chief
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Keeping an actual printed Atari specific magazine going these days is tough,

and I'm sure, a lot of hard work.


I wish you much success!  :)


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Short article about our magazine (Spanish), in this article there are some sample screenshots with pages created in Calamus :)




Many thanks for the author of this article.


Edited by Kroll
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A short review of Atari Fan English edition #1 by my friend Pendrix24. I have been cooperating with him on testing his USB drivers for Atari ST/TT/Falcon for a long time (atari-forum.com). 🙂
"I bought and read the magazine. Well done Kroll!
It's glossy, all color, 5 mm thick. It has 90 pages. The layout is fantastic. Overall a high quality magazine, much better than I expected.
I enjoyed reading about the USB drivers news where I was mentioned. I enjoyed very much the interview with Rodolphe Czuba, and learn about his story. I also enjoyed the article about web browsers on the Atari ST/TT/Falcon."

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Attention all Atari fans!
Due to the current worldwide situation and to the fact - not supported by any research, though - that reading AtariFan magazine is beneficial to your health, we are lowering the price to 8.99 Euro (10.99 USD). This price covers only basic costs and the costs of printing.

If you are a true fan and wish for future issues to be published, please support us and buy one magazine.
This will help us to collect funds for AF#2.

You can order directly from our store:


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