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high voltage

Alien Adventures....A Homebrew written by a female?

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Alien Adventures







     Martina Tuckner


The game is sold out (of course) . Anyone here own this cartridge, and the rest (Alien figure).

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Any rom available for this? I couldn't find one in the links posted. I would love to play it on my Flashback 9 or Harmony Encore and review it for The Atari Report - 2600 Edition someday.


...and yes, Martina will get full credit for it as I always do for all original programmers on every review.

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Lost Classics has never released ROMs for any of their games that I'm aware of. I suppose you could try contacting them directly to see if they'd be willing to send it to you to use for your show.


I remember seeing Alien Adventures for sale at PRGE and the screenshots weren't very impressive. I know screenshots don't tell the whole story, but they certainly didn't entice me to buy a game I'd never seen or played. I did pick up Landfill, the other game they were selling that year, and was not impressed with it.

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23 minutes ago, The Strangest said:

Plenty of games back in the day were written by women?

For ATARI, yes.



Rebecca Heineman              London Blitz, Out of Control

Carol Shaw                            Checkers, 3D Tic Tac Toe, Othello, Super Breakout, Polo, River Raid

Suki Lee                                 Math Gran prix, Obelix, Miss Piggy’s Wedding

Marilyn Churchill                    Submarine Commander

Laura Nikolich                       Spider-Man, Care Bears

Carla Meninsky                     Dodge em, Warlords, Star Raiders, Indy 500

Donna Baily                           Centipede  (coin-op)

Susan McBride                     ???

Jean Baer                              Out of Control, London Blitz, Death Trap

Ava-Robin Cohen                 Jr Pac-Man

Sylvia Day                              Gopher, Name this Game, Mouse Trap

Connie Goldman                   Masters of the Universe

Patrica Lewis DuLong          Bump n Jump, Masters of the Universe, Star Strike, Rocky & Bullwinkle, BurgerTime, Swordfight

Mimi Nyden                            Gremlins, Quadrun, Snow White, Gravitar, Swordquest Earthworld, Solaris, Mario Bros, Real Sports Baseball, Super Baseball,

Garfield, Swordquest Fireworld

Shirley Ann Russell               Boing

Barbara Ultis                         Arkyology

Betty Ryan Tylko                    Pole Position

Jane Terjung                          Kool Aid Man

Ban Tran                                Wabbit (Featured first female (human) video game character)

Judy Eckert                            CBS programmer for Atari games?

Dawn Stockbridge                Tutankham, Strawberry Shortcake

Laura Scholl                           Grover’s Music Maker





In 1976, Joyce Weisbecker programmed games for an RCA PC and Studio 2 console based on technology created by her dad–a significant achievement that went undocumented until 2017:

RCA Cosmac VIP: Snake Race, Jackpot (credited), Slide, Sum Fun, Sequence Shoot

RCA Studio 2: TV Schoolhouse 1 (1976), Speedway, Tag (1978)


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