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Newer TV hook ups?

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My tcl series 4 55 inch from costco has coax.  Or it has av at least red whit and yellow.  Vcr can hook up throughnav and then coax in for all your old units without av.

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I at first tried to use the 5200 hooked up straight to an Insignia NS-DXA3 digital-to-analog converter box with an HDMI output thinking I could use it as a tuner for my 5200 to my Sony STR-DE590 a/v home theater receiver and from there to my Insignia TV's HDMI input, didn't work, as I found out later on that the converter box only does DIGITAL television signals, no analog, unlike my Insignia TV which does both (a 2016 model). 


So I got real and got myself a near-new Sony SLV-N51 Hi-Fi 4-head VCR and simply used it as an analog tuner (channel 3 through the coax, it also has two sets of composite a/v inputs as well, one up front and one in the back) and hooked up the a/v output to my TV's composite a/v inputs, with the audio piped from its headphone jack set to line out mode to my receiver's CD input. It actually gives a better picture quality through the VCR's analog tuner than the TV's own coax does, either digital or analog channels, I tried both.


As for the Insignia NS-DXA3, it is currently my digital tuner (hooked to the rooftop antenna here at Bishop Park and fed to the HDMI out) and it seems like it too, gives me a much better picture quality that the TV's own coax input does.

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