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Hydro Thunder

CIB games 2600 5200 Genesis 5200 system homebrews repros Misc

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Got a lot to sell, all prices include shipping, PayPal payment required, ship to US only (sorry international friends!).  Minimum purchase $19 total please.

Everything tested and working, all games (except Sega CD / Saturn games) come with a clear box protector.


Atari Age Subscribers get an extra 5% off the prices listed, just let me know when we talk about what you want to buy and I'll verify you're a subscriber.

Check my feedback on here, or my ebay under: fankymaloon  


PM me if there are any questions, need more details, more pics, etc.   Thanks for looking!


2600 Games:


Defender $10

Phoenix $15 Sale Pending



2600 Hardware misc etc:

Red painted Atari 2600 Jr with red painted controller, tested, works perfectly.  $90

2600 Vader System complete with box, good condition.  Works perfectly, includes coaxial adapter,  Asteroids box is rough.  $125 Sale Pending

Flashback 9 system in barely used condition, includes 4gb sd card with some games on it, no HD cable included:  $42


Atari 5200 hardware and misc:

Atari 5200 2-port system, fantastic condition, works perfectly.  Both controllers work perfectly (!), one may be a Best Electronics refurb (see pics, one has much brighter numbers on the pad than the other).  With box etc, see pics.  $290 shipped

Atari 5200 4-port system Owner's Manual $2


Atari 7800 games: 

All sold, thanks folks!!


Genesis games:

Streets of Rage 2 (no manual) $30 Sale Pending



Sega hardware:

NIB Saturn Model 2 system (round buttons).  I am not sure if I'm willing to sell this or not, message me for any questions or discussion, I can provide pics if there's interest.  Comes with the 3-pack of VF2 / Daytona / Virtua Cop.  Have opened the box to inspect it only, box is I'd say about a 6/10.  Everything else looks perfect.



Tin Star with Snes Mouse $27 Sale Pending


Some random stuff:

Naki composite / S-video 4 into 1 switcher $9

Unknown brand composite / S-video 4 into 1 switcher $8

Component / composite / S-video 4 into 1 switcher $11





Defender Yar's.JPGYar's Revenge Sold

FB 9 HD Gold.JPG


5200 SuperSystem 5.JPG

5200 SuperSystem 6.JPG

5200 SuperSystem 7.JPG



Vader complete.JPGVader system Sale Pending



Streets of Rage 2.JPGSale Pending

Component Composite.JPG

Red Jr back.JPG

Red Jr.JPG












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Added Genesis, SegaCD, 32X, SNES, Sega CDX, WiiU, Switch Pro Controller, and more.  Mega Bump :)  Let me know if there are any questions, thanks for looking!!

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3 hours ago, CaptainCanadian said:

what exactly is supposed to be the theme of 'fast eddie'?

The story or what have you from the manual is: "Your objective is to help Eddie capture as many floating prizes as he can jump up and grab. You must keep Eddie hopping over the pesky little Sneakers while guiding him up, down and around the screen."


Or better yet is the text from the back of the box:


"On your mark, get ready, here comes Fast Eddie.  Eddie is on a wild treasure hunt, climbing up and down ladders everywhere in search of prizes.  Things would sure be a lot easier for Eddie if it weren't for all those pesky little Sneakers running around.  They literally keep him from jumping!  Look Eddie, there's a magic floating heart on the second floor and another on the third.  Go get 'em, Fast Eddie!  Look out for that Sneaker?  Oooooh, my! "


As an insane person, I feel compelled to ask...why no exclamation point after the first sentence, "...here comes Fast Eddie."?  And why a question mark instead of an exclamation after "Look out for that Sneaker?".  Like... I'm Ron Burgundy?


Actually a really fun, great controlling, addictive, silly little game.  Obviously it's no Snatcher or Chrono Trigger for story ( :P )... but here's a funny tidbit:

Programmed by Mark Turmell, of Smash TV and NBA Jam fame. :)

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I just wanted to say that I bought a couple of games from Curious Sofa last week, and he packaged them to withstand an earthquake and shipped them fast as heck. Thanks, homie! 👍

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Bump (n' Jump!)  - Updated with removal of sold items, added some of my Saturn stuff.  If you are after any other Saturn and/or Dreamcast stuff feel free to ask, as I will be listing more in time.  Trying to emotionally withstand parting with some of it :)

Thanks everyone for looking (and buying!) 


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My games arrived safe, properly packaged and they are in great shape.

I recommend buying from this seller, Curious Sofa. The best.

Kind regards,



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One more bump for these goodies, lots of good stuff still needing a good home.  Ebay is going kind of nuts lately with prices taking off (not complaining as I'm selling :) ), so shop AtariAge first and save thyself lots of coin! :)  Better community all around here too.  And my prices here kick the holy hey out of what these games are fetching at auction nowadays.


    Thanks peeps!!

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