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FS: TI-99 Cartridge breakout/probe PCB - Limited supply

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I made a PCB to allow me to probe a TI-99 Cartridge in action. It's basically a pass-though with some logic analyzer probe pods with the Address, Data, and Control lines organized nicely.

I have one assembled unit and four bare PCBs. Not sure whether to sell assembled, as solder yourself "kits", or just the bare PCB. If there's any interest in these PM me and we can work out the details.


I'm limiting this to US buyers with PayPal accounts. That way there is a record of transaction and a way for me to confirm postage and tracking as a way to protect both buyer and seller.


Thanks for looking!





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Looks like there's enough interest to order parts to kit and/or assemble these. After considering the BOM cost and time spent assembling/packing/shipping, I'm going to be at $20 + Shipping for a solder it yourself kit or $40 for a fully assembled board.


If there's more demand than for just the 4+1 I have currently, I suppose I could order more PCB blanks. I'm also OK will selling PCB blanks in multiples of ten if others want to assemble and sell these.

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Looks like I have roughly all of these sold. Just need to order parts and assemble/kit them up. I'm not likely to build any more single units myself, but I may be willing to sell batches of minimum Qty 10 bare PCBs to others who want to assemble and sell these. The cost would be the actual PCB Cost plus a small per board royalty. A sort of "pseudo-license" if anyone is interested...

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