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Dreamcast and Saturn power supplies + original or pico mini psu?

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Though my Dreamcast has the DreamPSU, my Saturn psu is stock and wonder if I should recap it or get a Saturn pico psu option.


I don't see a Saturn subforum, but perhaps it's best to combine both systems in one spot for this question.  I had purchased an original "DreamPSU" and had gotten rid of my original Sega one. I heard that SOME Sega aftermarket mini 'pico' PSUs (btw nothing to do with the Sega Pico) were "bad" in that they could in some instances damage your console due to being the wrong voltage. Does this apply to the original DreamPSU that is no longer made or just clones of it and competitors? I do love the convenience of a cell phone charger and more air flow in the case. Should I revert back to a stock one or just mod my DreamPSU and or Dreamcast? I solder so mods aren't an issue. I've seen and read about removing a voltage regulator and more in some scenarios. Can these pico PSUs work safely?


Can someone clear up the after market PSUs for Dreamcast and Saturn?  Does it make a difference when in tandem of using other mods like DChdmi, MODE, GDemu, GDemu Chinese clone,  or any of Saturn's ODE options including the MODE? 



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