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The Undecided

WTB snes carts, genesis CIB, CB, manual only , and Turbografx CIC/manual/manual and case only

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Looking for the following games,boxes, and manuals. 

Snes carts 

-Final fight 3 cart only 
- Space megaforce cart only 

Genesis CIB/CB

-Thunder Force 3 CIB or CB
-Earthworm Jim CIB or CB
- Mega turrican CIB or CB
- Lost world jurrasic park CIB or CB
-Gargoyles CIB or CB
-Steel empire CIB or CB
-Zero wing pal CIB or CB
-Twin hawk pal CIB or CB

-vectorman CIB or CB

-vectorman 2 CIB or CB

-sonic and knuckles CIB or CB

Genesis manual only 

-Atomic runner manual only 
-Toe jam and earl manual only
-Bio hazard battle Manual only 
-Sparkster manual only 
-Arrow flash manual only 
-Blades of vengeance manual only 
-Phelios manual only 
- Golden axe 2 manual only 
-Thunder fox manual only 
-Twin cobra manual only 

-sunset riders manual only 
- Splatterhouse 3 box and manual ( or just box)
-paperboy box and manual ( or just box)


-Riot zone cic 
-Last alert cic

Turbografx Manual/ manual and case

-Dead moon manual only 
-Time cruise manual only 
- Turrican case and manual only


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