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STE Memory question

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I recently picked up a USA 1040STE and want to upgrade it to 4mb. I'm assuming it has 1mb in it currently but I'm not 100% sure. It has a 4 sticks but of two different configurations. I know two of them are 256KB as they each have 8 32KB chips on them. But the other two sticks are tossing me off. 


Can anyone help identify the capacity of this variation. Backside of the stick is blank 




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I don't recognize those chips specifically, but you can download SysInfo from the link below. Run that on your STE and it will tell you how much RAM you have. Those are either 256KB SIMMS, in which case you have a 1MB STE, or they'll be 1MB SIMMS, giving you a 2.5MB STE.



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1 minute ago, myriadcs said:

these chips are 256k each, so if you don't have anything on other side, 4 of them makes 1mb per simm

Are you sure?  The two 41526-10 come up as 32KB (256kb) chips when I google so thats only 64KB for those two combined

I cant seem to find info on the HYB513256AJ

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