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Virtual Boy Tap: twitch streaming and anaglyph

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I was going to buy two virtual taps one for the left eye one for the right eye.  Since both can be any main color plus black, I was going to make the left black and red, make the right black and cyan, and twitch in Anaglyph.


There are demos of emulated virtual boys being shown in Anaglyph. Now I just got to find the easiest way to do it with real hardware.


There are two choices one is called RGB the other is called VGA.


1. Should I assume that RGB is compatible with ypbpr on a standard ntsc CRT TV when you use an RGB to ypbpr color space converter?


2. Should I assume that the RGB hookup is 3 RCA and designed for an RGB to ypbpr color space converter?


3.  If I find a way to physically convert scart into 3 RCA RGB, then I could use the same converter for my SCARTSega and SNES games just physically convert scars to three RCA RGB and then use that converter.


4.  Can I just use the red of the left eye and the green and the blue of the right eye and they should combine the make a red and cyan anaglyph?


Just wondering if that's the best and easiest route to do Sega RGB and VB RGB R/C 3D









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25 minutes ago, Giltygear said:

I highly doubt you have the technical skills to make this happen.

I could have two virtual taps ordered and then pay a little extra how installed one for the left eye, one for the right eye.


Now the main question is the interface.  There's two different versions one is VGA one is some other kind of RGB.  There are separate R, G and B holes on the VGA and I assume the RCA cables are used for the other RGB version.


I assume that the only thing you have to do is plug the RGB into the color space converter, to turn RGB into ypvpr.


I don't have to know how to do it beyond a certain point.  I just have to have 50 bucks in order to get such a thing.  The only thing I have to do unique is red of left and green and blue of right.

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