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Champions RTA stealth level game save

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Anyone have a PS2 game card with a Champions: RTA game save JUST PAST this damn-near impossible stealth part? You could mail it to me, I'd copy the file & IMMEDIATELY mail it back w/ any other saves (see below) you may want: 


(I previously asked for the TMNT Battle Nexus arcade unlock file - thx to mugenmidget for sending it on a card way.back in April 2012!)



completed game as Lv 20 Dark elf female (adventurous) 

Completed game as Lv 20 Wood elf male (adventurous)

Lv 20 Erudite male (courageous)

Lv 15 High elf female (adventurous)


Summer Heat Beach Volleyball- Bradley Stewart, half season completed, all matches won thus far


Activision Anthology- 18 patches earned (PM for details)

TMNT Battle Nexus- hidden arcade game unlocked

Ridge Racer V-  easy, 300mi distance, 2 cars, 3 engines unlocked

Simpsons Road Rage- 4 areas/11 vehicles unlocked

Star Wars Battlefront - unsure what's unlocked but my son ALWAYS ONLY played the Hoth battle level as the Empire & won A LOT


Midway Arcade Treasures 1

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance


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