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This Halloween, while visiting the Cemetery, many creatures want to catch you. But do not panic, you can hide behind the tombstones and throw them some of the holy water you brought in a jar.






This is a simple hack of the original Space Invaders game for the VCS:


  • Same game variations
  • Same scoring
  • Different colors
  • Different sounds
  • Different enemies
  • Different cannon
  • Different explosions


I got a raw assembly listing directly from the ROM using Stella emulator, and then I used DASM to reassembly it to be sure I could get the same binary. Then I searched for bitmaps inside the raw sources (Stella already suggested where they were and how they looked like, sometimes plain and sometimes vertically mirrored). Given the height of them, I used Excel to draw new images over a grid and used formulas in the same spreadsheet to generate the corresponding code. I replaced the old images in the source code with the new ones, reassembled it and tested it successfully. Then I searched the code for sound routines and looked for the data, which I also changed. Finally, I searched for sprite coloring instructions, found its data table and modified it. Ta-da! BTW, I didn't want to change the score fonts because they already are too basic.


Not a scary game? Try game #8... Not scary enough? Then try game #16!!! 😱




I did this hack for the tonight's @ZeroPage Homebrew Halloween stream...  Enjoy!





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12 hours ago, ZeroPage Homebrew said:

Thanks so much @vitoco for making this hack for our stream tonight!

I had fun doing it, and also tested myself about what I've learned about the 2600 programming these last couple of months.


I just want to try it in real hardware!!!


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 For anyone who missed ZeroPage Homebrew's HALLOWEEN HOMEBREW SPECIAL where we played Halloweenvaders check out the archived video below:


We had a huge number of SPOOKY hacks and homebrews tomorrow including THREE Exclusive Halloween Homebrews and Hacks just for the show!




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