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Jag2Snes NEW!

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Hello all! I just wanted to drop this link here. Since I wont be making anymore Snes2Jag adapters, it looks like Helder is making his own version!! So I highly encourage everyone to support Helder with his new product the Jag2Snes.




For the record, I have always wanted someone else to make a cheaper refined version of the Snes2Jag, Im glad its Helder and Im glad his prices are lower than mine. If you all still need a Snes Cable convertor for your Jag, then I highly recommend grabbing one from Helders store. I had fun over the lasts three years making mine and I appreciate all the support, but its time to let someone else carry the torch. I'm not affiliated with the Jag2Snes and make no money from their sales....but I wanted to throw my support out there for the product!



Thanks Gang!

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5 hours ago, Machine said:

@Judas-Prime Thank you for starting this years ago and providing all of us with your option. I know it was lots of work for little money. Well done!

Thank you ., I appreciate the kind words....It was my pleasure.


This all stated when I asked the HD Retrovision guys to make an adapter for the Jag...they said it wasn't worth the initial cost for them to make, I then tried to get Rene from the Retro Roundtable to make one... he showed some interest but never made anything. So, I started fiddling around with commonly found info about the Jag AV port and well.... the rest is history.


Im happy that Helder is making this new version and for a cheaper price he'll be able to reach far more people than I could due to my handmade process. I'll buy one of his after everyone else can grab them, just to support this new revision. I'll still make some oddball Jag av items from time to time just for fun. Im not going away, but honestly Helder can have the remaining Jag2Snes market share, I'm happy he will be able to serve more people.



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2 hours ago, Rick Dangerous said:

All my main Jag gaming is done through your adapter Judas-Prime; and it looks amazing.  Thanks again for all your efforts! 

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you are enjoying the adapter!

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