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MDOS 7.00 Developer's Version

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1 hour ago, BeeryMiller said:



With MDOS 7.00 in normal mode, with DM2K I can NOT copy the first file under the the marked directory (with subdirectories --- aka MDOS source).  It chokes on the first file, as the MDOS directory is not made so it can't copy the file to the TIPI.  This sounds like a limitation of the master DSR in GPL mode.


TIPI level 2 is not passed through at this time, so while you can load and catalog files and perform some operations including SAVE, anything level 2 will fail.  Same problem we have with hfdc, scsi, ide under GPL.  If it weren't for the TI method of searching for DSRs, it would relatively simple to change TI mode to -always- use ROMPAGE mode.  But then we would lose the OS-formatted ramdisk, internal ramdisk, PFM flash, and some other features.  :(


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