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LOWERED PRICES FS: Lots of Atari 2600, Rare Genesis, Zelda, Dreamcast, Switch, Singstar

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Hi!  I need to cull my collection some!  Most items are in very good shape.  I’ve tried to describe any major blemishes, but please check the photos too.

Minimum order of $5. First come, first serve.  Shipping not included in price.


Please PM, if you see anything you want and thanks for looking!




HERE's What's left :)





Laser Blast (activision - relabeled)

Donkey Kong Jr (coleco) (Writing on Label)

Venture (coleco)



Keyboard Controller

Atari USB Joystick (for PC)






==ATARI 2600 GAMES==


[$1 ea]
Combat (text w/manual, black) (RYAN written on front) SOLD
Football (text w/manual, black) SOLD
Space Invaders (text w/manual, black) SOLD
Casino (picture w/manual, white) SOLD

Missile Command (picture, lowercase/lowercase)
Missile Command (picture, lowercase/UPPERCASE)
Space Invaders (picture)




[$2 ea] NOW $1 ea
Air Sea Battle (text)
Breakout (text)

Golf (text) SOLD
Maze Craze (text)
Surround (text) SOLD
Circus Atari (picture)

Pele’s Soccer (picture, 1988) SOLD
RS Baseball (silver, 1987) SOLD
Black Jack (sears) SOLD
Chase (sears) SOLD

Defender (sears) SOLD
Target Fun (sears)
Checkers (activision - relabeled) SOLD
Ice Hockey (activision) SOLD
Laser Blast (activision - relabeled)
Oink! (activision - relabeled)
Wabbit (apollo) SOLD

Carnival (coleco) SOLD
Donkey Kong Jr (coleco) (Writing on Label)
Venture (coleco)
Dragonfire (imagic) SOLD
Beany Bopper (20th century fox) SOLD

Gopher (usgames) SOLD



[$3 ea] NOW $2 ea
Backgammon (text w/manual, black) SOLD
Basic Math (text w/manual) SOLD
Black jack (text w/manual, black)
Circus Atari (text w/manual, black)

Hunt & Score (text w/manual, black) SOLD
Mini Golf (text w/manual, black) SOLD

Slot Machine (text w/manual, black) SOLD
Star Ship (text w/manual, black) SOLD

Street Racer (text w/manual, black)
Video Chess (text w/manual, white)

Basic Programming (picture, 1986 w/manual, 1986, black (B&W)) SOLD
Brain Games (picture, 1986 w/2 manuals, black (color) and white (B&W)) SOLD
Code Breaker (picture, 1986 w/manual, white (B&W)) SOLD

Demons to Diamonds (picture w/manual, white)
Fun With Numbers (picture, 1986 w/manual, 1986, black (B&W)) SOLD
Hangman (picture w/manual, black)
Home Run (picture w/manual, black)
Human Cannonball (picture w/manual, black)

Math Grand Prix (picture w/manual, white) SOLD
Othello (picture, 1986 w/manual, black) SOLD
Space War (picture w/manual, black)
Video Checkers (picture, 1987 w/manual, black) SOLD
Kangaroo (silver w/manual)
RS Football (silver w/manual)
RS Soccer (silver w/manual)

RS Volleyball (silver, 1987 w/manual) SOLD
Swordquest Fireworld (silver w/manual) SOLD
Spider Fighter (activision w/manual - relabeled)
Reactor (parker bros w/manual) SOLD



[$5 ea] NOW $3 ea
01 Combat
11 Indy 500
Flag Capture (text w/manual, black)

Space Invaders (silver) SOLD

Keyboard Controller
Atari USB Joystick (for PC)
Skate Boardin’ (absolute w/manual) SOLD
Alfred Challenge (ebivision w/manual - Hozer) SOLD
Pesco (ebivision w/manual - Hozer) SOLD



[$15 ea] NOW $10 ea
Pigs In Space (kids w/manual) (Faded End Label) SOLD
Sorcerer’s Apprentice (kids w/manual)

Motorodeo (red w/manual) SOLD
Secret Quest (red w/manual) SOLD



[30] NOW $20
Star Wars: Arcade Game (parker bros)

[$40 ea] NOW $30
Obelix (silver) SOLD

Beamrider (activision w/manual) (address on label)



SwordQuests Earthworld, Fireworld & Waterworld (with manuals and comics) Everything is very good shape, except the Fireworld front label has an imperfection on the red stripe (see pic) SOLD




$20 Commodore 64 30 Games in One Joystick NOW $10


$30 The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (complete with soundtrack) SOLD


$10 Flip Grip NOW $5
$50 Oxenfree (complete) NOW $40


$60 Neo XYX (complete) SOLD


$300 Alien Soldier (JP complete, includes convertor) SOLD
$80 Gunstar Heroes (complete) SOLD

==SONY PS4==
$20 Singstar with Wireless Mics NOW $10


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