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3DO Need Help for repair

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i have a Problem with my 3DO FZ-1. It seems that the IC400 Backup Control chip for the SRAM is faulty.


Even if the System try to Access the SRAM (for Save Games) the 3DO do a reset. If i start the game Virtuoso, then i get the message, that the SRAM is not found. I changed the SRAM Chip but i get the same error. The Battery is still in good condition and has 3V.


I think the IC400 is corrupt. It is an BA6162 Reset IC with Battery Backup function.


Does anybody know where to buy a compatible one?



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This thread can be closed. I found the failure. The IC400 is still working. I used a Multimeter and checked all solder pads and sram pins first. All fine.


Then i checked every sram pin and traced All lines to the next points and then i found the failure. Pin 17 & 18 were not connected. It seems that the lines behind the solder pads from 17 & 18 were broken but not visible because the are lying under the sram.


I soldered a wire on both Pins and connected them to the next points on the backside and now all works fine again :)

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