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Sega Dreamcast - GDemu with mounting kit

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I have a GDemu Clone with the mounting kit.  I upgraded to a MODE so I removed this.


I would like 55$ shipped in the US or I can sell you the kit with a 512GB Samsung SD card with all the US game on it for 130$ shipped.  I discounted it all a few dollars and this is a turn key setup.


Please feel free to ask questions or make reasonable offers.


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As a previous owner of the clone version of the GDEMU I will say that it really is a great device. A clone, yes, but a darn good one. The quality of the PCB is really excellent and it worked perfectly fine across the entire USA collection as far as I could tell. One word of warning however is to NEVER update it. Do not use the official GDEMU firmware update as it intentionally bricks the clone boards. It does not require any update anyway....as it is very very compatible as is.

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