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Jay Buckwheat

TRS-80 Model 3 problems

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When I went to power up a recently acquired TRS-80 Model-3, I found it didn’t work.
It gives me either a trash screen of some sort, or a single dot in the bottom left corner of the screen.
I also cannot seem to find how to play the program cassettes and boot up the computer.
It powers on and the only peripheral I got with it was an external floppy disc reader.
I would really like help with this, and I can be contacted at [email protected].
If I need to ship it, I can pay up to 50 dollars, or drive it over there so long as it is in Washington State, and preferably on the west side of the cascades.
I have reaseated the RAM chips, and some appear chipped, but that may not be the problem



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There are thin mylar ribbon cables that go from the floppy controller and RS232 board to the motherboard.


Disconnect one side of each cable and turn the computer on.  See if you're greeted with the Cass? message.

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