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Oxygene Be ABBUC software contest 2020 place 4

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Full version game from ABBUC cometition 4th place.


Oxygene Be is a simple horizontal shooter game like Uridium. I is a completely rewritten version of my old Oxygene game from 1988.


The game runs smoothly only on PAL and need 64kb. I hope to bring it also on NTSC systems (60hz) in a smooth way.


Your mission:

With your small space craft, fly horizontal over a big ship and destroy small jets on runways all over the big ship. Also destroy the enemies in front.
The enemies shoot simple single shoots, but they get more angry the more you destroy. The color of the enemies changed.
Are all need jets and enemies destroyed, land your space craft on a empty runway near the end of the big ships.
To do so, fly straightforward over the small arrows from the left side. 
To make missions not so simple, there exists high buildings on the big ship, see there shadow.
A touch cost lot of energy, most the time the own space craft.
So be careful.

There are 10 missions with 10 different big ships. If all missions done, get to the next level at mission #1.


I hope you enjoy it.


As soon as my freedns is working again I will release the complete sources on github.




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Thanks for sharing your game, I hope that NTSC version 😇.... and also the github never fails to see how you made this wonder 😁



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I also look forward to a smooth NTSC version. I did enjoy playing your game though. I will have to play it in PAL mode on an emulator to see if it acts differently for me. 

Bob C

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