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FS: Original Mario Kart DS Hot Rod Red DS Handheld near complete (and near mint) - ***TRADED***

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This is quite a rare one. One of my "holy grails" is up for grabs. I was considering ebay as I know they go for a fortune, but I am not trying to make a fortune.....just enough to pay this month's internet bill (or buy something else and forego the bill...lol!)  :)


This DS was released right after the first one, around 2005. It was released to celebrate the new (at that time) Mario Kart DS. The handheld is in Mario Kart red. This console has NO dead pixels and you would be hard pressed to find a scratch anywhere. The body is flawless, and the screens are in excellent condition. There may be the slightest signs of use on the bottom screen, but if anything is there is is very minuscule. I did install the flashme firmware when I first got it as that firmware not only provides brick protection but it disabled the annoying health and safety screen, but I can uninstall that and bring it back to factory before shipping it to you if you wish.


The battery charges and holds a charge perfectly fine. This has had very little play time. It actually does not look like it has been played with at all. Even the little plastic covering the Nintendo logo on the top is still there.


It is near complete, with one thing missing. The original set came with stickers that you were supposed to (not recommended, but kids did it anyway!) apply to the console. Racing type stickers that were Mario themed. That sticker sheet is not here so I am not sure what happened to it. But, everything else is here. The box (which is in decent shape although the back seems a tad sun faded to me), manuals/documentation, original pack in game, lanyard, charger, and special Mario Kart racing custom wrist strap.


If you want to experience (or re-experience) what it was like to own one of these brand new this may be your only chance. I have never found another in this condition. You will not be disappointed! I apologize for the flashy pictures. My camera overflashed on some of these...rest assured the color is red on this handheld ;)


I am looking for $150 OBO for this. That includes the shipping to you, anywhere in the USA via priority mail. If you have a Gamecube with Gameboy player (and the required disc!) I would be willing to trade this for it as well.

















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I wanted to add that I will also be willing to trade this for a pristine (not broken, or scratched) 3D Glasses set for the Sega Master System. It would be great if it included the box, but not necessary. As long as the glasses themselves are in excellent condition, work, and include the card slot glasses adapter. I know those can be had for $50-$80 if I hunt around, but if someone has them and wants to make a trade it would be easier on me.

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