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8bit-Dungeon - Work in Progress

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The next version of 8bit-Unity will add scrolling charmap support for all platform, including the Atari 8bit and Lynx! To demonstrate the new features, I am working on a Tech-Demo called 8bit-Dungeon that is a Diablo inspired crawler.


Here is a sneak preview on YouTube, showing the Atari 8bit from 0:17 and Atari Lynx from 0:40:



I believe that this Tech Demo has potential to grow into a full game (that follows the Diablo 1 story line, or at least part of it). So I would like to gauge interest from the community: Is it worth considering a proper boxed release of the completed game on the Atari 8bit and Lynx?


Furthermore, to produce a quality result, I wonder if some people would be interested in helping with the following areas:

  (1) Contribute RMT and Chipper soundtracks for the game (inspired from Diablo 1). 

  (2) Contribute Sprites (Piskel) and Maps (Charpad) for the different levels (the maps in Diablo are randomly generated, so these should simply follow the storyline). To give an idea, I have attached the assets created for the Tech Demo.


I look forward to seeing if there is any reaction to this proposal.   😉

sprites-atari.png sprites-lynx .png


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