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FS/FO: 1 Nintendo Switch game, Atari 2600 games including Atari Age homebrew with manuals NES games with manuals (urban champion, others), genesis + more

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Hey everyone, I am trying to sell some extras i have for genesis, atari 2600, nes and N64.  Nothing too spectacular, just want to make room for other things.  Asking interested people to write me with offers, I will give free shipping if its over 50 dollars, depending on where its going. 


Pics available here:




Sega Genesis, all CIB


2020 Super Baseball

Road Rash

Championship Bowling (need to take new pic of this)



Atari 2600


Star Wars empire strikes back - has manual

Lady Bug (atari age custom) - has manual




Wheel of Fortune w vanna white - has manual

Urban Champion - has manual

Dragon Warrior - has manual

Super Dodgeball - has manual

Spy Hunter - has manual

Jeopardy - has manual

Cabal - has manual

Mappy - CUSTOM CART - no manual

Golf - has manual

10 Yard fight - no manual

Monopoly - has both manuals - need to take pic of this

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego - has regular manual (no book) - need to take pic of this


N64 - all loose


Wcw vs nwo world tour

WWF Wrestlemania 2000


Nintendo Switch


Bubble Bobble 4 friends - complete with case (game did not ever have a manual, i dont think any switch games do)

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