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PIGWA 8-bit listing.

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There are so many directories in PIGWA, that I haven't explored all of them. I'm listing most of them (but I removed ST/MEGA/FALCON stuff). Some of their date may be telling but I was wondering for anyone that would like to opine about some of the differences and completeness. Of course, some of them are telling, like Atari books, Atari documents, Atari magazines, etc.

So far, I have been using Atari 8bit Preserved Software 2020-01-25, Homesoft, and some stuff that I downloaded from other places. I read some of them readme for some of them. I see Holmes CD has lots of stuff. There is a lot. And then there is Fugilogy, which seems to be lots of demos... I haven't even explore that. I don't think I will be able to view all this files during my lifetime.


Any commentary about this would be greatly appreciated.


PS: I may have left some non 8-bit directories here.

[DIR] Atari 8bit Preserved Software 2020-01-25/                                          29-Feb-2020 08:05    -   
[DIR] Atari Educational System (Dorsett Talk and Teach)/                                 24-May-2020 01:19    -   
[DIR] Atari books/                                                                       09-Jul-2016 15:40    -   
[DIR] Atari documents/                                                                   29-Sep-2015 19:39    -   
[DIR] Atari magazines/                                                                   20-Jul-2018 01:14    -   
[DIR] Atarimax 8Mbit Flash Cartridge Images/                                             24-Aug-2014 16:29    -   
[DIR] Atari newsletters/                                                                 08-Jul-2014 15:59    -   
[DIR] Bas CAS Collection/                                                                28-Mar-2014 20:27    -   
[DIR] CharlieChaplin/                                                                    03-Jan-2014 11:12    -   
[DIR] Closer To Home Archive/                                                            08-Jan-2014 15:35    -   
[DIR] Club8bit/                                                                          30-Apr-2015 10:04    -   
[DIR] DEAN GARRAGHTY PD AND COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE/                                         12-Aug-2015 14:58    -   
[DIR] Gamebase Atari800/                                                                 20-Aug-2016 16:25    -   
[DIR] Hackerz_Mirror/                                                                    09-Jan-2014 11:37    -   
[DIR] Homesoft Game Collection/                                                          28-Dec-2016 17:49    -   
[DIR] MLP_MOD_DISKS/                                                                     12-Aug-2015 15:01    -   
[DIR] Miscellaneous books/                                                               17-Jun-2017 17:09    -   
[DIR] PoolDisk One/                                                                      18-Mar-2017 23:06    -   
[DIR] PoolDisk Too/                                                                      18-Mar-2017 23:05    -   
[DIR] RK-DVD/                                                                            19-Jan-2014 23:29    -   
[DIR] RK_CD/                                                                             06-Jan-2014 20:03    -   
[DIR] Retro Gamer CD/                                                                    05-Jan-2014 20:19    -   
[DIR] SIO2SD_DVD/                                                                        20-Apr-2014 00:31    -   
[DIR] atari_8bit_demos_and_intros/                                                       31-May-2015 19:33    -   
[DIR] atari_forever/                                                                     23-Jul-2015 18:16    -   
[DIR] atari_forever_ISO/                                                                 11-Aug-2014 11:40    -   
[DIR] atarist_axelf/                                                                     23-Jul-2015 19:32    -   
[DIR] fading_twilight/                                                                   23-Jul-2015 19:44    -   
[DIR] gepard_soft_atr_pro/                                                               11-Aug-2014 12:29    -   
[DIR] holmes cd/                                                                         05-May-2008 17:45    -   
[DIR] nir_dary_cds/                                                                      09-Jan-2014 19:42    -   
[DIR] no_fragments/                                                                      27-Jul-2015 20:29    -   
[DIR] paskud/                                                                            14-Jun-2008 22:32    -   
[DIR] retrogaming/                                                                       23-Jul-2015 19:47    -   
[DIR] retrogaming_cd/                                                                    23-Jul-2015 19:47    -   
[DIR] rohar/                                                                             03-Jun-2015 17:39    -   
[DIR] stryker/                                                                           12-Sep-2014 18:47    -   
[DIR] vapi/                                                                              28-Nov-2013 01:25    -   


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