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A 5200 Christmas Carol

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I was cleaning out some old documents on my computer and came across this, something I wrote 20 years ago.  Maybe I posted this here back then, maybe I included this in my auctions at the time, who knows.  It made me smile when I read it, so I am sharing since it is season appropriate. Hello to all my old friends.



Twas the days before Christmas
The night sky was starry
Listen my friend
To this tale of ATARI


The 5200
Was great in it’s day
But your joysticks’ now busted
So alas, you can’t play


You can’t start a game
You press every button
You try each again
And you still get nothin’


This controllers’ no good,
It must be broken,
When they designed this back then,
What the heck were they smokin’?


A replacement I’ll buy
But look at the cost
Please do not give up
All hope is not lost


You’ve found some for sale
In attics they’ve rested
For more than 20 years
But they’re all sold UNTESTED!!


You then search on EBAY
For Atari Repair
RetroGames-R-Us has kits
So do not despair


New buttons, new circuit
These parts are brand new
I send full instructions
It’s easy to do


You’ll be back up and running
Much sooner than later
So you can get back and play
Pitfall and Star Raiders


Galaxian, Defender
You can now play with ease

Shoot Bombers in Missile Command
Now it's a breeze!


This is just what you wanted
It’ll make everything right
And to ALL a Good Night!





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