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PCBs, Gals, ROMs, Cartridge kit...

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Ok, I decide, that atariage users can also buy from me stuff to make full working cartridge - I'm not insert it on my webpage yet, so, I start here.

1. Fully socketed PCB (you must only put programmed chips for it, XE GS compatible): 10USD/7,5EUR

2. Flash memory SST39SF040-70-4C-PHE: 3,50USD/2,75EUR

3. ATF16V8B-15PU (GAL 16V8 replacement): 2USD/1,5EUR

4. 74HC574 (no photo here): 0,75USD/0,5EUR

All prices are for 1/pcs. There are also available as:

1. PCB KIT (content: socketed PCB, SST39SF040-70-4C-PHE, ATF16V8B-15PU and 74HC574): 15,75USD/12,00EUR

2. Cartridge Kit (PCB KIT + Sikor Soft shell): 22,50USD/17,00EUR

If anyone interested - please PM me. I have some pcs of them :)


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too more photos
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