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This FAQ is a partly a convenient list of resources for myself and also somewhere to point people to when they ask questions about ZPH. It's always a work in progress and I'll add things to it as I run across or think of them.


ZeroPage Homebrew FAQ:

Q: What are your qualifications to do all of this?

A: I've been live streaming on the Internet since 1999 and I'm a professional filmmaker.


Q: Why do you broadcast at 60fps? (AKA I'm watching at 30fps and half of the game is missing!)

A: Short answer, the Atari 2600 outputs at 60fps. Long answer... to come


Q: Why doesn't Twitch let me select a lower quality stream while watching ZeroPage Homebrew live?

A: Only Twitch Partners have the option of quality selection for their streams and unfortunately ZPH doesn't qualify. SOMETIMES Twitch allows that option randomly, but not always.


Q: Games that use a lot of flicker look bad while watching, can you fix this?

A: The quality of your connection and the power of your computer/video card can affect this. Make sure your video card drivers are up to date and you haven't turned off the hardware acceleration on your browser. You may also want to select 720p60 instead of 1080p60 if you're watching the show on YouTube as it may help.


Q: Why does it take until the next day for the ZeroPage Homebrew Twitch stream to be posted on the YouTube channel?

A: Twitch Affiliates are bound by a Live Content Exclusivity agreement (section 2.2) to not distribute streamed content outside of Twitch for 24 hours.


ZeroPage Homebrew A/V Setup:

Gaming: Atari 2600 Light-Sixer (RGB), Atari 7800 (SVideo), Atari XEGS, Atari 800XL (SVideo), Atari 65XE

Video: Sony A7Sii (Main Cam), Logitech Brio (Cat Cam)

Audio: AKG C214, PreSonus Studio 24c

Lighting: Dracast Led500 S-Series Daylight Led 3-Light Kit

Capture: FramemeisterRetroTINK 5X-Pro, HD60S (Consoles), HD60 (Camera), Camlink 4K (Interviews)


Atari 2600 Links:

Homebrew Distributors: AtariAge, Packrat Video Games, GoodDealGames, Repentless Video Games, 2600 Connection, 8-Bit Classics

Emulators: Stella, Gopher2600, Javatari (Web Based)

Consoles (Software Emulation): Retron 77 + Community Firmware Update

Consoles (Hardware Emulation / FPGA): CollectorVision Phoenix + Atari 2600 Core, MiSTer + Atari 2600 Core

SD/Multi Carts: Harmony (Encore), UnoCart, PlusCart


Atari 7800 Links:

Homebrew Distributors: AtariAge, GoodDealGames

Emulators: A7800, JS7800 (Web Based)

SD/Multi Carts: Concerto, Dragonfly


Atari 8-Bit Links:

Homebrew Distributors: AtariAge

Emulators: Altirra, Atari800

SD/Multi Carts: FujiNet, AVG Cart, SDrive-MAX, Ultimate Atari Cartridge, Uno Cart

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