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Hardware interfacing projects books and magazines ?

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Hello there,


Studying 80's computers is a great hobby for me. One of the most incredible aspect for me was the possibility of (almost) anybody to add hardware to their machines, following the step by step instructions on books or magazines to create a simple board in order to add speech / music or any other possibility for these machines.


Building theses cartridges/extension are for me both a great way to add capabilities to my machines and learn electronics/assembly language.


One great example of books is the "Commodore 64 Interfacing Blue Book"




(Or the same for the VIC-20.)


I'm looking for other similar books for other "famous" systems (TRS80, Apple, Atari...), or maybe magazine names that provides such projects. If the pcb layout is given, it's even better. 🙂


Did someone know some magazines names or books that provide such projects ? (code, schematics, pcb layout ?)


Thanks !


(I've already made some projects... Like an I/O system for Apple II, following the project given in a french magazine, "Micro systèmes")



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The Custom TRS-80 and Other Mysteries seems like a good example for its users. I have seen similar books for Spectrum, BBC Micro, and 8-bit Ataris; I think publishers were cranking out to a template plus a number of books involving reprinted magazine articles. 

Links to start you on your way 

The custom TRS-80 & other mysteries : Kitsz, Dennis Bathory, 1949- : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


Electronic Computer Projects (atariarchives.org)


Circuit Cellar Magazine is perhaps a bit later than what you are looking for but the article series in Byte might be interesting. Many of the early magazines (Micro, Kilobaud, Compute) had such articles. Maybe a bit more specifics as to what is being sought. I doubt you need half a dozen different light pen examples. 

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The TRS-80 book is great ! There is a nice stereo music schematics inside, I'll totally try to build this. 🙂


I'll also take a look at the other ones...

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Computers & Electronics magazine included some add-on hardware projects for various computers, especially in the 1982 and 1983 issues. 



There may be some additional coverage in the more electronics-focused magazines, but finding relevant articles would require much sifting.  

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