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Dan Iacovelli

Mailing list update

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For some time besides having the Websites(both AVC Online and VGS) as well as the Facebook pages for VGS and Jagfest on tour, we were also had at least 5 yahoo groups, that is until last week when Yahoo Closed down all groups.
We were planning to migrate our 3 main groups (AVC news, VGS(general) and VGS(vendors)) to maichimp anyways starting on Jan 1st hope to complete it day after VGS 2021. and keep the rest open for discussion.
So now that yahoo groups have closed on Dec 15th, the mailing list migrated to mail chimp, but just for the 3 main groups mentioned.
For  discussions we have instructed people to stop by this club, our Facebook group which is public (AVC Online) and Video Game Summit and Jagfest on tour pages on Facebook. the mailing list on mailchimp is strictly announcements for AVC Online news(AVC news) which is main list and everybody who joins gets added to that and we have tags for VGS news and VGS Vendors.
Each tag gets its own specific newsletter e-mailed to them.
AVC news: all AVC Online news like we did for the Jaguar Community United (chat and event schedule) plus it will have club news VGS news, and sales for Cafepress as well.
VGS news: is  just news on Video Game Summit vendors  who signed and other items  for the show.
VGS Vendors: is updated Vendor news who has booths locations etc
to sign up for the mailing list just go to AVC Online click the link in the menu it will take you to
sign up page ,just need your e-mail (I have saved list of those who were on VGS lists so I will know who was on the list for VGS)
Thank you


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