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In memory of Rosa Nely

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Oscar, many thoughts and player to you, Rosa and all your family.

Thank you for the many hours of play you gave us with the game you have programmed.

Thanks a lot for the roms: it will be a honour to play them in memory of your wife.

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On 12/22/2020 at 1:53 PM, nanochess said:

Hi eveyone.


My wife deceased two weeks ago. It has been hard for everyone in the family. She was a great, amazing, loving person and we had so many hopes of having a great recovery since her lung cancer was detected in 2016, but unfortunately that wasn't in the plans of our Lord.


Many people have supported me around this last month in so many ways, I've discovered a ton of friends, and I really appreciate it. So I wanted to give thanks, but didn't knew how to do it, and finally today I made my decision.


So today I release the following games for free: Aardvark, IntyBASIC Showcase vol. 2, and Meteors. I've included a picture of my wife in each game, and it is my way of saying thanks. I'm sure my wife would approve happily.


Special thanks to @Rev for permission to distribute these games, @mthompson for creating the included PDF manuals and allowing me to distribute these.


Again thanks to everyone!




P.S: Forgot to say, I've improved the classic background sound and player's shot sound for Meteors.



aardvark_free.zip 384.31 kB · 337 downloads meteors_free.zip 1.15 MB · 306 downloads showcase2_free.zip 542.27 kB · 272 downloads

Thank you for your kindness. It is a truly touching tribute, and I very much appreciate it. My thoughts are with you and your family. 

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