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Secret Government Waffle Project - Human-Seeking Waffles

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I recently got this totally awesome

game and enjoy playing it. I was wondering if people have a technique to avoiding the human-seeking waffles (1-4 I think). My technique is go to the top or bottom and let them move to one side and run like heck. I die before I get past the level.


Anyone have some advice for a crap 💩 player?



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Posted (edited)

If you notice the top red electrode, make sure to be right of it or the waffle hitting the left side won't decrease the numbers on the bottom left of the screen to move the red electrode up to meet the blue electrode on the bottom.  Took me awhile why the numbers weren't going down when playing the game just now...

Just try to move up and down and move to the right once the waffle past you in 1-4.  Later stages will spawn the fork that allow you to eat the waffle, yummy!  I tend to avoid strup since I want to hurry up the stage, but can be useful if you want the waffle to move slower. 

I find this game very interesting. 

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You are a gun sir!


I am proud to say I got to level 2-3 before dying. I’m a semi-crap player now. Choke on my waffles!

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