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What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2021 (Season 14)

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Over the last few days I played


Toy Story 2 for Nintendo 64 - 60 minutes


Final Fantasy V for Super Nintendo - 180 minutes.


I was curious about the N64 Toy Story 2 as I only ever played the PS1 demo and just got my Everdrive 64 x7 so I tried it out for the first time, exploring the first 2 levels.

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Here are my times for this past week (May 31st through June 6th) on classic systems...



Ghosts 'n' Goblins - 2 min.

Time Pilot '84 - 17 min.


Atari 2600:
Kung Fu Master - 10 min.


Channel F:

2048 - 15 min.

Centipede - 20 min.


Commodore 64:

Space-Pilot - 18 min.



Time Pilot - 22 min.


I started off this week by re-trying some variations of Time Pilot. The MSX version is not very good since it's not very smooth and you don't have that many directions to fire into. The clone "Space-Pilot" on the C-64 actually feels better than I remembered, and I like it better than its sequel, Space Pilot II, since here the dimensions of the player and enemies are roughly right. I actually think this hits the essence of the game better than the official MSX version by Konami itself. Lastly, Time Pilot '84 was the official sequel in the arcades, and it does bear some similarities to Space-Pilot II, but I don't like it as much as the original version since there's actually too much going on at once, and it's also more chaotic than Space-Pilot II which keeps closer to the original version.


Then I watched a Youtube video wheren an AI is learning to play Kung Fu Master on the Atari 2600, and on its last try it got about 80,000 points so I played the game as well to see how much I'd get, but I think I only got about 20,000 points. Actually, the AI plays in a peculiar way where it doesn't try to finish a level, but always stays on Level 1, battling the same two types of enemies (which it is pretty good at) until time runs out, repeating this for each available life. I tried to play it properly and always failed on Level 2, hence the lower score.


Then today I read the news that some more homebrew games have been released for the Channel F, out of which I tried 2048 and Centipede. Centipede is pretty well playable although there are some differences to the original version and, sadly, also some bugs, most notably the strange things going on as you hit every mark of 10,000 points, at which point you not only get an extra life, but also another 10,000 points. And apparently, the game is unable to count properly from 100,000 points on, so it displays some strange things on the 10,000 digit... as I mentioned, from 0 it goes to 2, 4, 6, 8, then C, R, E, a block... oh dear... I don't think this game is quite finished.


2048 is well adapted as well although I've got the feeling you don't get the blocks to join as soon as they do in the original version. You need more moves to accomplish that, and on every move you get a new block which makes things a bit harder than I'm used to.


Since I had already fired up MAME, I also played a bit of Ghosts 'n' Goblins, but the game only lasted for about 2 minutes, and I gave up after that since I had other things to do anyway.

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I had a hankering for shmups and baseball this week.



ReBOOTed - 90 minutes of Downfall OG+ for high score challenge



Shanghai - 60 minutes for high score challenge

Game Gear:

GG Aleste - 60 minutes. Beat the game on the easy mode!



GG Aleste II - 45 minutes. Did not beat the game, but got to the boss of the penultimate stage. Easy mode speed 7.




Griffin - 45 minutes. Got further than I’ve ever gotten before in this weird tank shooter.


Magical Taruruuto Kun - 25 minutes. This is a very sloooow shmup, but a pretty one.


Star Trek: The Next Generation Advanced Holodeck Tutorial - 30 minutes. It’s repetitive, but kind of meditative.


RBI Baseball ‘94 - 20 minutes. My second favorite baseball game series on the Game Gear. Very detailed and sumptuous visually and it plays well. Ballplayers always stand on their tip toes when they catch a ball, which looks stupid. I love that they have historical team lineups. Go ‘87 Tigers!


Clutch Hitter - 15 minutes. The first game in the Game Gear World Series Baseball series, this implements the basic engine but has neither real teams or real players. It’s pretty rough in many ways. On the other hand, it’s easy to forget that official league and players association licensing didn’t used to be considered that essential.


The Majors Pro Baseball - 25 minutes. This is my favorite entry in the World Series Baseball Game Gear lineup, even though it has weird colors and plays a little slower than the actual WSB games, because the music is excellent and super suspenseful. When you get into a jam the music shifts accordingly. Plays great all around.


World Series Baseball - 30 minutes. This is super fast and beautiful. I like it. The music is a step down, though.


MLBPA Baseball - 20 minutes. EA’s entry in the Game Gear Baseball wars, this artifact of the strike is not bad but is choppy and has nothing to recommend it over the much superior Sega and Tengen entries.


Power Pro Baseball - 20 minutes. I thought a super deformed baseball game would be a perfect fit for the Game Gear. It isn’t. Well, at least this one isn’t. It’s ugly as sin, plays really weird, and just isn’t fun. Boo Namco.


Game Boy:


Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball Game Boy Edition - 20 minutes. This is the slowest baseball game of the lot I played. After each pitch or other action, it pauses and you have to wait an excruciating amount of time to do something again. It has a fielding system that really puts the onus on you to catch every ball. I loved the SNES one, but this one hurts kinda.


Game Boy Color:


Ken Griffey Jr Slugfest - 25 minutes. Clearly the same engine as the Game Boy title, but massively upgraded in every way. This is way faster and looks great. I still got utterly pounded because I can hardly seem to catch easy pop flies. I would probably get used to the fielding eventually.


Driver - 15 minutes. What a great little game.

PC Engine:


Liquid Kids Mizbak’s Adventure - 20 minutes. When it’s hot outside, throwing water balloons makes me feel better.


SCI: Special Criminal Investigations - 15 minutes. I was told this sequel was better than the PC Engine’s Chase HQ. I sure hope it isn’t, because this is ruined by the worst sprite scaling I’ve ever seen. Game Boy games do sprite scaling better than this. It’s impossible to tell how far stuff ahead is because the quantized sprite sizes do such a poor job of communicating that.




Stramash Zone - 20 minutes. More of this is coming.

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Atari 2600

Breakout 6 

Demons to Diamonds 14

Eggomania 47  

Night Driver 12 FB HSC 

Solar Fox 80


LotsE60C16C2-2518-4D56-9C86-6D21880E88B4.thumb.jpeg.7c4dc5c0b21c2afd14dd1899f65c52f4.jpegEFB5152F-74D5-4EA2-BF59-54107AF7DC66.thumb.jpeg.01f5e5c37bc2025de9d09e013cbb2c35.jpeg of paddle games. I wanted to get a 864 again in Breakout and just did a few minutes ago. Paddle games were always my favorite. 

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My times for the week:


An Adventure in Jerusalem - 114 min.
Earthquake - 139 min.


Master System:

Fantasy Zone: The Maze - 27 min.

Great Baseball - 31 min.
Spider-Man - 43 min.

Strider - 6 min.



Out of This World - 89 min.
Whip Rush - 220 min.


Game Boy:
Hyper Lode Runner - 181 min.


Beat the two Genesis games and the two MC-10 games, the latter with my wife. (Thoughts on those here.) I also beat Great Baseball on the lower of its two difficulty levels, winning 13-8 as Boston over Seattle.


Otherwise I played a bunch of games that -- unlike Whip Rush and Out of This World (which are great) -- made me not want to play video games. Hyper Lode Runner is Lode Runner for veterans of the game, I guess, but it's got the kind of challenge where you're fighting against the game's mechanics, rather than working with them to solve interesting problems. The first 10 levels were OK but Level 11 crossed the line into "this isn't actually fun" territory.

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Apologies for the late post this week, life has been kinda hectic lately and I somehow managed to completely forget to do my tracker posts yesterday! Much less playtime than usual this past week on account of the real life stuff (my mom is in hospice and doesn't have long) so I just kinda distracted myself a little here and there with some arcade and Neo Geo games. I played a fair number of new games I had never tried before this past week, and my favorites ended up being The King of Dragons arcade game and Garou: Mark of the Wolves for the Neo Geo MVS/AES. I played though and beat both of them and had a pretty great time! The King of Dragons felt a lot like Capcom's later D&D arcade games, but a bit simpler and more fast paced. I tried all the characters and the elf ended up being my favorite, due to their ability to perform long range attacks and move quickly at the cost of taking a lot more damage than the other characters if they do get hit. Thank goodness for having a free play arcade machine and unlimited credits! :lol:


As far as my other favorite game of the week went, I have no idea why I waited so long to try Garou: Mark of the Wolves, but now that I have I totally get why this fighting game is so beloved by many! The cast of characters are all wonderfully vibrant and expressive, and the gameplay is top notch fun that's really accessible to newcomers but deep and well balanced with a lot of subtle nuances for fighting game veterans to master. The character sprite animations and pixel art backgrounds are also some of the finest I've ever laid eyes in any era of gaming, right up there with The Last Blade 2. I think I'll be coming back to play Mark of the Wolves many, many more times in the future. :)


5a3253fb95a934b5b08bc49ce22ee1c0.thumb.jpg.9edea9922bca7ad4d1a7a9114aeb8cee.jpg Garou_MotW_NeoGeo_cover.thumb.jpg.adfdb33622167bed666315df8ae90e73.jpg





Doom II [Classic] (Nintendo Switch) - 155 minutes



Dig Dug - 49 minutes

Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom - 17 minutes

Gyruss - 15 minutes

The King of Dragons - 87 minutes

Ms. Pac-Man - 24 minutes

Ms. Pac-Man (Speed-Up Hack) - 10 minutes

Street Fighter II': Champion Edition - 16 minutes

Twin Cobra - 33 minutes



Garou: Mark of the Wolves - 42 minutes

The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest - 39 minutes

The Last Blade - 18 minutes

The Last Blade 2 - 46 minutes

SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos - 7 minutes


Sega Genesis

Mortal Kombat II - 10 minutes

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - 66 minutes



Total Video Game Play Time This Week

649 minutes (10 hours 49 minutes) [494 minutes eligible]


Individual System Play Times This Week

Arcade: 266 minutes

Nintendo Switch: 155 minutes

Neo Geo MVS/AES: 152 minutes

Sega Genesis: 76 minutes

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Here's the summary for Week 22, running from May 31 - June 6. We logged 3112 minutes of eligible play, playing 85 games on a total of 23 systems.


Top 10:


1. Whip Rush (Genesis) - 220 min.
2. Hyper Lode Runner (Game Boy) - 181 min. (#8)
3. Final Fantasy V (SNES) - 180 min. (#1)
4. Aldynes (SuperGrafx) - 158 min.
5. Earthquake (TRS-80 MC-10) - 139 min.
6. An Adventure in Jerusalem (TRS-80 MC-10) - 114 min.
7. reBOOTed (Atari Jaguar) - 90 min.
8. Out of This World (Genesis) - 89 min.
9. King of Dragons, The (Arcade) - 87 min.
10. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 85 min. (#3)

Pre-NES top 10:


1. Earthquake (TRS-80 MC-10) - 139 min.
2. An Adventure in Jerusalem (TRS-80 MC-10) - 114 min.
3. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 85 min. (PN#1)
4. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 75 min.
5. Dig Dug (Arcade) - 49 min.
6. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 47 min. (PN#3)
7. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 44 min. (PN#6)
8. End, The (Atari 2600) - 43 min.
9. Blackjack (Atari 2600) - 36 min.
10. Millipede (Arcade) - 30 min. (PN#7)


Top 10 systems:


1. Atari 2600 (391) (#2)
2. Genesis (385) (#5)
3. Game Gear (335)
4. Arcade (316) (#3)
5. TRS-80 MC-10 (253)
6. Game Boy (201) (#4)
7. SuperGrafx (193)
8. SNES (180) (#1)
9. Neo Geo AES/MVS (152)
10. Atari 8-bit (109)

The 1990 shooter Whip Rush becomes the most played game in a week with relatively many games and times shared evenly across them. Hyper Lode Runner is one minute ahed of Final Fantasy V for second and third places. On the pre-NES list, something quite unusual happens as it is headed by not one but two MC-10 games: Earthquake ahead of the Adventure in Jerusalem, with trusty old Solar Fox in third place, almost 30 minutes behind.


While the Atari 2600 doesn't get any individual titles this week, as a team effort it takes #1 on the systems list, 6 minutes ahead of the Genesis and the other 21 systems present this week.


No new entries to the 1000, 5000 or 10000 Minute Clubs, but the tracker hits 100K minutes for the season.

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This week so far:


Super Nintendo

Final Fantasy V - 60 minutes


Sega Genesis

The Jungle Book - 34 minutes

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - 13 minutes

Ms. Pac-Man - 44 minutes

Sonic & Knuckles - 74 minutes

Sonic 3D Blast - 71 minutes

Sonic Spinball - 37 minutes

Sonic the Hedgehog - 45 minutes

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - 67 minutes

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - 58 minutes

Taz-Mania - 24 minutes

X-Men - 31 minutes


I finally recorded some gameplay footage this weekend. Not for Final Fantasy V, but for the Sega Genesis list. I recorded my gameplay back in 2011 when I was originally active in these threads but in a hard drive drop I lost all my old footage. I decided to finally start over my recording of games. I might upload the footage as-is on youtube later instead of doing the extra work to comment on any of it. I doubt there's much that hasn't been reviewed by someone else and I'm not much of a speaker anyway. Anyway, here's how I did:


The Jungle Book - beat Practice mode

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - beat difficulty setting 1 with the Red Ranger and Megazord during boss battles.

Ms. Pac-Man - beat Strange levels on Easy mode with Pac Booster Always On and got my record high score before I had to use 1 continue

Sonic & Knuckles - beat it as Sonic with all emeralds

Sonic 3D Blast - beat it with all emeralds

Sonic Spinball - beat it, only died twice, won the 1st and 3rd bonus rounds

Sonic the Hedgehog - beat it with all emeralds

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - beat it as Sonic & Tails with all emeralds

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - beat it as Sonic & Tails with all emeralds

Taz-Mania - beat it on normal mode

X-Men - playing on Hero mode, I failed on the 4th level


Final Fantasy V - mastered black mage as 2 characters and still trying to master it for 2 more characters while the first 2 characters build up early levels of other skills.

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I'm kind of tired, so I'll post a bit earlier than I usually do and go to sleep. Lots of ROM hacks this time.



Sonic 1 Attack of the Killer Rings (Sonic 1 ROM hack)- 101

Is Sonic 1 too easy for you? Play this. The majority of the Acts are impossible to finish without using edit mode, but I was able to finish 7 of them without cheating.
Sonic 1 Color Contrast (Sonic 1 ROM hack) - 14

Sonic 1 Pixel Perfect - 15
Sonic 1 Over 9000 (Sonic 1 ROM hack) - 8
Sonic Classic Heroes (Sonic 1 and 2 ROM hack) - 134

What would Sonic Heroes be like if it wasn't complete trash and was actually very good and worth playing? Play this to find out.
Sonic Crackers - 5
Sonic Multi (Sonic 1 ROM hack) - 10
Sonic Scorched Quest (Sonic 1 ROM hack) - 16


Andro Dunos - 57

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Atari 8-bit:
Bug Off - 29 min.
Hazard Run - 87 min.


Surfer [Surfer Magazine/Action Video] - 14 min.


A few of the lesser games in the A8 HSC were dropped, and more courses in the better games were added. I spent most of the time trying to escape the cops in Hazard Run through four different courses, which was frustrating but fun at the same time. Also there was a big discrepancy between the lowest and highest scores on Bug Off, and I found that there is an almost hidden level setting at the bottom of the screen. If you accidentally start the game at a higher level, you will rake in plenty more points than if you start from the beginning.


Finally I downloaded Surfer which is a little known, early surfing game. Apparently it was published by a surfer magazine, and two years later incorporated into an even more obscure arcade game. Given that the smiling girl in the flimsy swimsuit that may or may not be suitable for surfing, is standing on a surf board I imagined perhaps it was connected to the arcade cabinet that must have a C64 inside, I thought perhaps it would be a game somewhat playable using an Amiga Joyboard or in my case, a PS2 dance mat. However after playing it in emulation for a while, it seems to have kind of strange controls and partly relies on fire button, so not really a game that will fit my dexterity on the dance mat so I won't bother. Perhaps the MSX game Relevo's Snowboarding would work better with the mat, though I still think fire is desired. And yes, the dance mat has a fire function but it would require to move the feet from the directions...

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Here are my times for this past week (June 7th through 13th) on all systems...


sorry, no times this week because I didn't play any games. This was the first "normal" work week after the yearly string of free days in May and June, and today was Father's day, so there was a little celebration with my father which took its time to prepare.

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Times for the week

Atari 2600

Breakout 42

China Syndrome FB néw HSC 5

Eggomania 82

Kaboom 39 earned a patch

Night Driver FB HSC 54 lots of fun

Solar Fox 21

mostly a fun week of paddle games again. 


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My times for the week:


Adventureland - 6 min.
AHHA! Another Haunted House Adventure! - 132 min.


Master System:
E-SWAT - 2 min.
Thunder Blade - 10 min.


Beat a pretty lousy text adventure. (In fairness, it's a type-in game from a magazine, but when 95% of your game is a red herring...)

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I am running a bit behind, but I will get mine posted Monday. Not very much time this week. In brief I played a lot of Game Gear sports games, and fried a so far unidentified component on my primary system with Madden 95; a lot of Genesis and PC Engine shmups to remind me that I am actually not very good at shmups (Whip Rush, L-DIS, MUSHA Aleste, Final Blaster, Vapor Trail); and odds and sods (Shanghai Lynx, Ninja Warriors PCE, some others I’ll think of when I look).

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8 hours ago, thegoldenband said:

Master System:
E-SWAT - 2 min.

For some reason, E-SWAT is listed twice in the tracker, as Easy version and Hard version. Zylon played those in 2012, and The_Laird may have played both in 2011 as well. However when I checked Wikipedia, Sega Retro etc, I didn't find any additional info about separate versions so perhaps it is just a matter of difficulty setting?

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Major Havoc 31 

Millipede 88 

Pong 2 

Space Duel 6 


Atari 2600 

Blackjack 31 

Race (aka Indy 500) 66 

Yars' Revenge 52 


These were all via the Flashback collections on Xbox One.  I've been trying to go for some specific achievements and some of them are much more difficult than I would like.  The Indy 500/Race achievement is to play game 8 (crash and score) and get 40 points.  That sounds fun except the controls just aren't configured quite right and you have to play with the D-pad which works but ends up being pretty lame.  I didn't make it to 40.


Millipede's achievement is simply to break the default high score which is MUCH harder than any other classic game that I think I've ever played.  I think arcade Millipede is just too chaotic for me.  I never really seem to get better.

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Atari 2600

Kaboom! - 38 minutes

Solar Fox - 30 minutes

The End 2600 - 10 minutes

Tower of Rubble - 5 minutes


Congrats agb on the Kaboom! patch.

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6 hours ago, carlsson said:

For some reason, E-SWAT is listed twice in the tracker, as Easy version and Hard version. Zylon played those in 2012, and The_Laird may have played both in 2011 as well. However when I checked Wikipedia, Sega Retro etc, I didn't find any additional info about separate versions so perhaps it is just a matter of difficulty setting?

There are actually two different ROM variants, one easier and one harder. I believe the one I played a couple minutes the other day was the easier variant, though the truncated EverDrive filename display makes it hard to be sure. However I know I played them for 65 and 56 minutes respectively back in 2011, when I beat both.


I probably tracked them individually back then for that reason, i.e. because I played them myself, but it's totally reasonable to avoid being that granular in the tracker! There are several classic-era console games that got reissued with a changed difficulty level -- Space Battle on Intellivision is another -- but none of them announce on the title screen which one they are.


I suppose all ROM variants are a case of "under the hood = not important for our purposes", except in extreme cases like Captain Silver where they threw out half the game in the US version. At least more-complete Japanese versions usually have different titles too!

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Yeah. I'm most worried that other participants might not be aware about different ROM versions so they can't tell if they played variant A or B. Also since we group some other games (e.g. all tables on Pinball Dreams/Fantasies and similar), I'll join these two entries.

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My brother came over to visit last Friday so we played some games.


Saturn Bomberman (Saturn) 25 mins

Detana Twinbee Yahoo! Deluxe Pack (Saturn) 40 mins

Bomberman - Panic Bomber (PC Engine CD) 10 mins

King of the Monsters 2 (Genesis) 12 mins

Super Street Fighter 2 (Genesis) 15 mins

Streets of Rage 2 (Genesis) 45 mins - We got to the final stage but it was brutal as hell so we didn't last long. 


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ATARI 2600:

Galaxian - 37 minutes


ATARI 7800:

Pac-Man Collection - 78 minutes

Pole Position II (for HSC) - 7 minutes



Cosmic Avenger - 11 minutes

Space Fury - 22 minutes

Threshold - 5 minutes


EVIDENCE OF THE WEEK: My CV Space Fury gameplay footage, Skill 1


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It was an exceptionally big week for gaming around here this past week, mostly on account of me getting my paws on a new game that just came out for the Switch! I put just over 30 hours into Winds of Change this past week, doing a full playthrough of it and doing every side quest and conversation there was to be found. I don't usually get into visual novel style games, in fact I think the last one I played and truly enjoyed was 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors on the original Nintendo DS, but Winds of Change really drew me in with it's art style and kept me hooked with a great story and really outstanding voice acting. I was also just delighted to see a game that's... well, "furry" on a mainstream console like the Switch! I was kinda obligated to buy it, and I'm sure glad I did because I can confidently say that it had the best story and writing I've ever seen in any video game bar none. It's obviously a game intended for the furry crowd, but the quality of the writing and storytelling make it a game that non-furries alike could still get a great deal of enjoyment out of providing you aren't put off by the art style.


Outside of Winds of Change I just played a bit of Doom 64 on the Switch (having finally gotten a Limited Run physical copy in the mail) and a few arcade games here and there. I played through Garou: Mark of the Wolves a couple more times and beat the extra secret final boss the second time, then played quite a few games of Galaga and a couple games of Ms. Pac-Man and set new all time personal best high scores in both! I managed to get 130,000 points in Galaga and 70,310 points in Ms. Pac-Man, which I was really happy about considering I had never broken 100K in Galaga before and I'm just not very good as Ms. Pac-Man in spite of it being my all time favorite arcade game. 


That's all the gaming news from around here that's fit to print for this week though, so until next time and as always, best wishes and happy gaming to you and yours :)







Doom 64 (Nintendo Switch) - 185 minutes

Winds of Change (Nintendo Switch) - 1,935 minutes



Galaga - 63 minutes

Ms. Pac-Man - 17 minutes

Street Fighter II': Champion Edition - 10 minutes



Garou: Mark of the Wolves - 46 minutes



Total Video Game Play Time This Week

2,256 minutes (37 hours 36 minutes) [136 minutes eligible]


Individual System Play Times This Week

Nintendo Switch: 2,120 minutes

Arcade: 90 minutes

Neo Geo MVS/AES: 46 minutes

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I have had little time to do much organized playing, but I never really played sports games on the Game Gear and I was curious about what I was missing.


Game Boy


F1 Race - 10 minutes

I'm impressed this game works as well as it does.


Amazing Penguin - 10 minutes


Game Boy Color


Woody Woodpecker Racing - 15 minutes

Surprisingly fun top down Konami kart racing game!


Mickey's Racing Adventures - 15 minutes

Surprisingly fun top down Rare kart racing game! A lot of "adventure" stuff in the way of the racing, though :(


Crusin' Exotica - 15 minutes

Surprisingly fun behind-the-car racing game!


Game Gear


Madden '95 - 15 minutes

It killed my Game Gear! Seriously, this is great and you should buy it.


Madden '96 - 15 minutes

This was my favorite Madden on the Genesis, so I was shocked to learn that this was an unlicensed game. No real teams, no real players, and they gave the Lions the Bills colors. Unforgivable. This is somewhat rare but worthless for a reason. It seems to be exactly the same as Madden '95 except with the actual professional football removed. One funny thing I noticed is that this breaks the Mega SG Game Gear adapter - it can't draw the ball right for some reason.


Clutch Hitter - 15 minutes

I don't know how I got the idea this was the same engine as The Majors/World Series Baseball. It isn't. I like this very early game a lot, though. The behind-the-pitcher perspective is really nice. Why don't other games do that?


The Majors - 25 minutes

I'm pretty sure this might be the best Game Gear baseball game.


RBI Baseball '94 - 25 minutes

Or maybe this is? I just love the semi-authentic organ music of this one and the hyper-saturated colors, which are a little hard on the eyes with a good screen but look amazing on the old screen.


Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball - 30 minutes

You know what, this could have been the best baseball game on the Game Gear. Butter smooth animations, amazingly nice graphics, good sound, a more formal pitch selection system... but there is NO MUSIC AT ALL during games, nor any crowd noise. It's like they're playing baseball in a library. Honestly that doesn't bug me that much, but it makes a big contrast with The Majors and Clutch Hitter and RBI Baseball and their amazing music. This was not a well-reviewed game on most platforms, but I was blown away by how great it looked and how well it played. It would be funny if the Game Gear was the best platform for this title.


World Series Baseball - 20 minutes

There's a lot to like about this, but surprisingly I don't like it as much as the earlier games. Maybe it's the increased speed or the music.


World Series Baseball '95 - 25 minutes

There doesn't seem to be a huge difference between this and the first one except a more pallid color palette.


Batter Up - 15 minutes

I am pretty sure this is the worst Game Gear baseball game. This is essentially like the NES RBI Baseball, which was also developed by Namco. It's not awful, but the constant ridiculous base stealing attempts get old, and the graphics look unpleasant and blobby.


James Pond II: Codename Robocod - 15 minutes.

This extremely multiplatform game seems like it was made for the Game Gear. I’m sure by the fifth level I will take that back.




MUSHA - 15 minutes

Not seriously trying to get far in this, just re-acquainting myself with it. I wish I could get a real cartridge of this. I'd love to see reissues of this series.


Whip Rush - 25 minutes

Wowee, my Aleste playing had swelled my head a little, but this game just crushed me.  I think I am learning it, but wow, it's hard.


Vapor Trail - 25 minutes

I still suck at this but maybe I'm getting a little better. Vapor Trail. Vapor Trail. Vapor Trail. Exemplary pause design. Last Strike should have stolen that.


James Pond II: Codename Robocod - 45 minutes

This might be the game I own for the most systems, and I don’t know why. I got good at a few of the levels but in general this is way too sadistic for the cutesiness. Euro platformers, man.


PC Engine


Afterburner II - 15 minutes

This is pretty impressive for the Turbografx and almost competitive with the Genesis. But still pretty slow compared to 32X or arcade.


Final Blaster - 20 minutes

Wow, this is brutal.


Metal Stoker - 25 minutes

This is pretty cool. Kinda like Griffin on Game Gear, or an upgraded version of Armor Attack. FACE has a fascinating catalog.


Circus Lido - 35 minutes

This is a fun and gorgeous single-screen puzzle action game, but it gets brutally hard really fast. It has very unique mechanics. I got stuck and stuck hard on level 5. I feel like they needed to add twice as many levels to introduce you to all these crazy mechanics.


Super CD


L-DIS - 35 minutes

Beautiful cute-em-up, kicked my butt repeatedly.


Ninja Warriors - 20 minutes

Probably my favorite single plane beat-em-up, but it's still not exactly my thing.




Shanghai - 45 minutes

I am getting better, but that's not saying much.




Dorke and Ymp - 15 minutes

A little Evercade fun. I was too sleepy to get far.

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Added James Pond II for Genesis and Game Gear.
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