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What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2021 (Season 14)

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Commodore 64

Sonic the Hedgehog - 136 min...not counting loading time! :)




Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost of Christmas Presents - 80 min



H.E.L.I. - 48 min




Death Race - 40 min



Planet Lander - 20 min



PC / Win98se

Elf Bowling - 20 min


Tandy Color Computer 2

Rally SG - 30 min



Tandy Color Computer 3

Thexder - 90 min


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10 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

You misspelled awesomely horrible 😜

I actually really lke Sonic 1 GBA, not because it's fun to play, but specifically because of how bad it is. There was a reason that it was the second game I played on the Pocket after Zero Mission. If you want a game that will make you laugh, it is one of the best to play. You will of course be laughing at how broken it is, but it's still a lot of fun to see how bad the game is.

7 hours ago, carlsson said:

Previously, someone (possibly you) played a game called "Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis [Sonic 1 ROM hack]". Would this be the same hack, or yet another one so there's both Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (Genesis)?


Yeah, they are both this one: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/1079/


The actual title is apparently Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (Genesis), but I don't remember how I listed it last time.

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My times for the week:


Atari 2600:
Berenstain Bears - 1 min.
Boggle - 3 min.

Codebreaker - 2 min.
Confrontation - 2 min.
Cosmic Swarm - 106 min.
Criminal Persuit [sic] [aka A Mysterious Thief] - 4 min.
Depth Charge - 7 min.
Farmyard Fun - 4 min.
Gauntlet - 3 min.
Ghostbusters II - 16 min.
Glib - 2 min.
Heart Like a Wheel - 4 min.

Hunt & Score - 1 min.
I.Q. 180 - 2 min.
International Soccer - 2 min.
Mazy Match (aka Unknown Datatech Game #2) - 1 min.
Out of Control - 8 min.
Party Mix - 3 min.
Steeplechase (Video Gems) - 4 min.
Strawberry Shortcake - 3 min.
Super Challenge Baseball - 2 min.
Super Challenge Football - 3 min.
Sword of Saros - 4 min.
Video Jogger - 2 min.
Video Reflex - 3 min.
Words-Attack - 2 min.


Chew Man Fu - 7 min.


Looped the score on Cosmic Swarm on B/B difficulty, and played every classic-era Atari 2600 game I know of that hasn't been tracked (except Math Gran Prix, which @agb covered), plus a few prototypes. I found a few that intrigued me, a bunch I couldn't make much sense of, and a few that were really quite sad indeed.

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Whoa, quite a week for me.




Buster Bros (Pang) - 15 minutes




Block Block - 25 minutes




Millipede - 10 minutes

Centipede - 10 minutes






Rock'n'Ball - 75 minutes of pinball-based agony and ecstasy (mostly agony)




CrisisForce - 55 minutes. Got out the NES Max to try it on a shmup. I dunno...




Atari 2600: on a theme of launching (or not launching) rockets:


Saboteur - 10 minutes




Fatal Run - 95 minutes for HSC




Atari Lynx:


Battlezone 2000 - 75 minutes for HSC. Can I count the time it took my thumb to recover from the Lynx II d pad? Yeesh!




Ynxa - 35 minutes. Finally getting to sink my teeth into my most anticipated new release of the year.




Dinoland - 15 minutes.


TechnoClash - 15 minutes.


Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday - 30 minutes, of which half was one single space battle and the rest was just screwing around with my crew.


Fatal Labyrinth - 135 minutes.




Game Boy:


Super Hunchback - 65 minutes. Great little Wonder Boy inspired jaunt from Ocean.




Battle Unit Zeoth - 65 minutes of shmup crossed with Joust/Flappy Bird (kinda)



Game Gear:


Wildsnake - 15 minutes. Shame this was never released and the game was totally forgotten, it's a good one.




Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap - 25 minutes.



Star Trek: Generations: Beyond the Nexus - 35 minutes.




Takes the core of the Star Trek TNG game and adds a story to it, and some different/better minigames. Terrible movie but I like this game despite some serious flaws. (Not letting you continue after each gameplay sequence, mainly, making you play simple puzzles over and over and over.)


Pop Breaker - 315 minutes, beat the game on left and center modes.






Fortress of Narzod - 35 minutes.




Rip Off - 15 minutes.




Cosmic Chasm - 25 minutes.




Akalabeth - 25 minutes. Died like a chump to a skeleton.




Player 2 - 95 minutes. (A must have if you have a Vectrex and more than one person who wants to play it!)



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Sonic the Hedgehog -- 30 minutes


Game Boy:
Pokemon Blue -- 77 minutes
Super Mario Land -- 30 minutes

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins -- 30 minutes
Tetris -- 60 minutes

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TIMES TO ADD - Fatal Run (Atari 2600) - 92 minutes


EVIDENCE OF THE WEEK: My Fatal Run full gameplay video, presented for 2600 NEW HSC (all 32 levels solved)


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17 hours ago, thegoldenband said:

played every classic-era Atari 2600 game I know of that hasn't been tracked

For the record, the Atari 2600 now is credited with 979 980 entries in the tracker. Some are demo versions, some may be odd duplicates, some are hacks or one-off prototypes that never went any further.


Current top 10 (as far as I could tell)


Atari 2600: 980 entries (9.4% of total)

NES/Famicom: 767

Genesis: 632

Arcade: 605

Atari 8-bit: 583

C64: 493

SNES: 405

PlayStation: 374

Game Boy: 349

TI-99/4A: 325


Total: 10378 entries

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A nice mix of games both old and new from my household this week! I played a ton of Atari 2600 games, both for the High Score Club and just for my own enjoyment, and Mrs. Skippy joined in and played a lot of them too. I beat Fatal Run in one sitting for the HSC, beat Pitfall II with a pretty respectable score of 192,000 or so, and got a lot of enjoyment playing through the physical copies of Dungeon and Dungeon II: Solstice I got from the AtariAge store for Christmas this year.


Speaking of Christmas, I ended up getting half a dozen Switch games for Christmas and immediately set about playing Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee! and Sonic Forces. I'm not too far into Let's Go Eevee but it's pretty much everything I could want out of a Pokémon gen 1 remake! The graphics are beautiful, there's no more annoying random battles and you can actually see the pokémon wandering around in the grass and decide whether or not to approach them, and I really like the new motion controlled pokémon catching minigame. In spite of not battling wild Pokémon in this one there's still tons of trainer battles to do too, so it still feels like there's a more than enough battling to be done. I really wish they designed all the Pokémon games to play like this from here on out, since I feel like it totally fixes literally everything that always annoyed me about classic Pokémon games. :)


As far as Sonic Forces goes, I know all the critics ragged on it but after having finished the game this morning I'm kinda shocked to admit it but I think this is my new favorite modern Sonic game! The level design was fun and had a lot if variety, the music was pretty darn great, and being able to play as my fursona alongside Sonic and company with a meaningful role in the story delighted the kid in me in ways I can't even begin to adequately describe. It may not be the best Sonic game ever design wise, but for someone who grew up with the Sonic games on the Genesis, the Saturday morning Sonic cartoons and comics, and spent many long hours of my childhood daydreaming about being part of that world this game was a literal dream come true. :)






Ineligible (All Nintendo Switch)
Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee! - 440 minutes
Sonic Forces - 320 minutes


Atari 2600
Dungeon - 23 minutes
Dungeon II: Solstice - 60 minutes
Fatal Run - 113 minutes
Klax - 75 minutes
Millipede - 5 minutes
Missile Command - 23 minutes
Ms. Pac-Man - 15 minutes
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns - 28 minutes
Plaque Attack - 50 minutes
Space Invaders - 8 minutes
Venture Reloaded - 11 minutes
Xenophobe - 43 minutes

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - 5 minutes


Total Video Game Play Time This Week
1,219 minutes (20 hours 19 minutes) [459 minutes eligible]


Individual System Play Times This Week
Nintendo Switch: 760 minutes
Atari 2600: 454 minutes
NES: 5 minutes


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Another batch of my childhood games:


Dragon Warrior for NES - 56 minutes

Karnov for NES - 39 minutes

Legendary Wings for NES - 50 minutes

Tetris for NES (Nintendo licensed version) - 21 minutes

Tetris 2 for NES - 92 minutes

The Three Stooges for NES - 26 minutes



Dragon Warrior - grinding to buy equipment from the town of Garinham

Karnov - beaten with savestates

Legendary Wings - beaten with savestates (I've done it before without)

Tetris - played game type A

Tetris 2 - played 1 player stopping at round 31

The Three Stooges - beaten with the best ending

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Atari 2600- 

  River Raid 20 minutes

  Enduro 60 minutes and day 8

  Stampede 20 minutes and 1100 points



  Road Rash 60 minutes

  Midway Atari classics -- Asteroids, Tempest, Battlezone, Centipede, Missile Command - 120 minutes total.  

  Midway Classics -- Joust 2 , Root Beer Tapper, Burgertime - 60 minutes total. 

  R Type - 15 minutes and I'm terrible at this! 

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Here's the summary for Week 50, running from Dec 20 - 26. We logged 5365 minutes of eligible play, playing 113 games on a total of 23 systems.


Top 10:


1. Fatal Run (Atari 2600) - 650 min.
2. Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast) - 400 min.
3. Pop Breaker (Game Gear) - 315 min.
4. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 233 min.
5. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 167 min.
6. Sonic the Hedgehog (C64) - 166 min.
7. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 157 min.
8. Battlezone 2000 (Atari Lynx) - 140 min.
9. Klax (Atari 2600) - 139 min. (#5)
10. Fatal Labyrinth (Genesis) - 135 min.


Pre-NES top 10:


1. Fatal Run (Atari 2600) - 650 min. (PN#7)
2. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 233 min. (PN#4)
3. Eggomania (Atari 2600) - 167 min.
4. Sonic the Hedgehog (C64) - 166 min. (* requires a REU which was released in 1986)
5. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 157 min. (PN#8)
6. Klax (Atari 2600) - 139 min. (PN#2)
7. Cosmic Swarm (Atari 2600) - 106 min.
8. Turtles (Arcade) - 100 min.
9. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 98 min. (PN#9)
10. Player 2 (Vectrex) - 95 min.


Top 10 systems:


1. Atari 2600 (1958) (#1)
2. Dreamcast (460) (#7)
3. NES/Famicom (419) (#2)
4. Game Gear (390)
5. Game Boy (327)
6. PlayStation (255)
7. Arcade (240)
8. Genesis (235) (#5)
9. Vectrex (195)
10. Atari Lynx (175) (#3)


A massive 49 entries for the Atari 2600, of which many were new to the tracker, brings the system as #1 this week. It is headed by the HSC entry Fatal Run, six hours ahead of Phantasy Star Online. While 113 games seems like a lot, it is only joint 4th most this season (season high was 129 games, all-time high was 218 games in one week).


Fatal Run (Atari 2600) becomes member #474 into the 1000 Minute Club with a total of 1051 minutes.


Also as you may have guessed, the list of unplayed Atari 2600 games now is emptied so all that remains to add are new releases and hacks as those arrive.


Happy New Year and I'll see you next Tuesday with the last round of stats and yearly summary eventually.

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I know we're posting times through Sunday, but I don't expect to have time to play anything over the weekend, so here are my times through the end of 2021:


Atari 2600:
Harem - 11 min.

Save the Whales - 3 min.


Harem is...something else!

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I have no work until the 6th, so I have had plenty of time to end the year properly by going to the legendary Mikado arcade and playing a shitload of kickass Toaplan games and various other rare or arcade-exclusive titles, all on real hardware, and start it properly, with some good Toaplan home conversions and the final game I bought last year: the relatively obscure Soukyuugurentai, one of the most badass, best, and somehow cheapest shooters on the Saturn.


Layer Section - 31
Magic Knight Rayearth - 64
Sonic 3 & Knuckles - 172
Soukyuugurentai - 81

Here it is. It's one of the best shooters on the system, which is already known for its excellent shooters, and one of the least known. Nobody talks about this game for some reason, but that's a good thing, as it's relatively cheap for a shooter. Raizing made some really great games, like Garegga, and this is one of them. A difficult game that won't hesitate to send you to the game over screen, but very approachable and nowhere near as hard as Garegga. Definitely go try it. There is also Soukyuugurentai Otokuyou, which is a slightly modified version of this game that comes with a demo for the Saturn version of Garegga, but I guess the Otokuyou version is less accurate to the original ST-V version than this version, and the PS1 version has some problems with slowdown.


Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2 - 78


Armed Police Batrider - 5
Battle Garegga - 10
Darius - 10
Daytona USA - 5
Dogyuun!! - 5
Gradius II Gofer no Yabou - 5
Guardian Force - 5
OutRunners - 5
R-Type II - 5
Tatsujin - 10
Tatsujin Ou -5
Xexex (Japan) - 116
Xexex (Europe) - 13

Oh man did they mess up the international versions of Xexex. The Japanese version is the way to go for sure with this unbelievably awesome and shameless R-Type copy. This is the only game I played at home on Arcade Archives. Everything else was done at the arcade on real hardware, and yes, I did get to play Darius on the original massive triple screen ultrawide cabinet. It was an amazing experience and you should absolutely not hesitate to jump in there and pay the fee to play it if you ever see a cabinet. I think I'm going to be spending a lot more time at Mikado if I can afford it, as it's 100 yen per credit, the standard Japanese arcade price, or even 200 yen per credit for Gradius II, a game that I have on Arcade Archives that I can play for free as much as I want at home, but I absolutely wanted to try it on the cabinet since it's such a cool game, so I paid the 200 yen. Japanese arcades are clearly meant to bleed you to bankruptcy, as I'm paying at minimum 4 times the typical price of a credit in the USA.


Game Boy
Metroid II Return of Samus - 60 (estimate)

This is actually the converted Analogue Pocket version which comes with a Game Boy Color ROM hack applied to it that makes it unplayable on a regular Game Boy, so it's technically a GBC game but only capable of running on the Pocket or something like that, but I'll count it as regular GB since it's way easier that way. I don't know how long I played for since I can't tell. I was going to use the time on the timer at the end of the game, but the Pocket version always immediately crashes when I enter the Queen Metroid's room, so I can't beat the game to find out. I believe my last run of the game was ~58 minutes long in total from start to finish, so I'll just guess 60 and call it good.


Fire Shark - 24
Hellfire - 14
Tatsujin - 45
Slap Fight MD - 18
Zero Wing - 52

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Atari 8-bit:
Great American Cross-Country Road Race, The - 94 min.


The final round of the A8 HSC is this classic Activision racer, with three big races for the challenge. It was a long time ago I played it, and had forgotten that it isn't a fixed route but that you need to select which stage to take next. What should take around 25-30 hours between Seattle to Miami took me over 60 hours because I ended up in New York and took a few detours back and forth to Portland, Maine before I realized I had taken the wrong path.

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Atari Karts - Jaguar - about 30 mins

Rebooteroids - Jaguar - about 15 mins

Ladybug - 2600 - about 20 mins

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Here are my times for this past week (December 27th, 2021 through January 2nd, 2022) on classic systems...


Millipede - 17 min.


Atari 2600: 
Millipede - 636 min. in 8 sessions


On the classic side, this week I played two versions of Millipede after having played the Gameboy version some weeks ago. The 2600 version is challenging to me since you have various opportunities to turn the game to your favour. Still, I didn't manage to reach 300.000 points. I really think my age shows here, some years ago it took me about 2 hours to get there, but then I did consistently get up to 300.000 points. No such luck this week, the highest score I managed to achieve was about 255.000 points.

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ATARI 7800

Pac-Man Collection - 90 minutes


ATARI 2600

Fatal Run - 15 minutes



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Mappy 38

Asteroids 27. Stink at this game. 

Atari 2600

Eggomania 62

Fatal Run 11

Kaboom 141. PB of 6268. 
Klax 10

Solar Fox 122

Xenophobe 3

Happy New Year all. Looking forward to the year end stats. Thank you Carlsson for all the work. Appreciate it. 



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Another banner week for me.




Demons of Asteborg - 185 minutes. Truly astonishing modern game. Also hilariously huge rom - 15 MB or 120 Mb!






Gun Nac - 25 minutes. It's an Aleste game, I don't care what anybody else thinks.




Eggerland: Meikyuu no Fukkatsu - 15 minutes.

Adventures of Lolo II - 15 minutes. 


Nb: Lolo's gameography is a whole huge mess I recently learned about. The American/European games are completely different games to the Japanese ones. They roughly map to each other - Eggerland: Meikyuu no Fukkatsu has most of the trappings and some of the puzzles of Adventures of Lolo (Western), but the Western release cuts out the whole labyrinth aspect of the game and turns it into a linear game and includes many puzzles from the Famicom Disk System Eggerland game. Adventures of Lolo (JP) maps to Adventures of Lolo II (US/EU), but with different puzzles, and likewise with Adventures of Lolo II (JP) and Adventures of Lolo III (US/EU). If I understand right to play all the puzzles you have to play FIVE Japanese releases; I'm not certain if the Western games have any unique puzzles and nobody else seems to be either. I don't know if they've been combined in the past, but they should be separated.




Ynxa - 180 minutes. Of which at least a quarter was a single room that I just cannot figure out.






Kings of Edom - 110 minutes. Found a crown! Died before I could get it. Alas.






Santa Simon - 20 minutes before I realized the HSC round was already over. D'oh.






Klax - 35 minutes




Fatal Run - 75 minutes

Xenophobe - 10 minutes because it just wasn't working on my handheld.


And an explosion of Master System games. I'll spare you the details, but they're here:


Casino Games - 60 minutes (all pinball)

Alex Kidd in Miracle World - 15 minutes

Kenseiden - 55 minutes


OK, you gotta see this screenshot:




Action Fighter - 35 minutes

Fantasy Zone: The Maze - 15 minutes.

Shinobi - 25 minutes. Gotta love this, especially since Spiderman is on the very next screen...




Black Belt (aka Fist of the North Star) - 20 minutes

Wonder Boy in Monster Land - 20 minutes

Zillion - 10 minutes (really need to read the manual, as Impossible Mission it isn't)

Zillion II - 20 minutes

Quartet - 15 minutes

Penguin Land - 35 minutes

Ghostbusters - 15 minutes

Golvellius - 125 minutes





Chack'n Pop: 25 minutes


(not sure which system these properly belong to...)

Teddy Boy (Blues): 20 minutes

Ghost House: 30 minutes


Game Boy:


Rolan's Curse 2: 145 minutes. It's not Zelda but it's pretty interesting. I'm playing it on the Analogue Pocket with the Virtual Boy screen treatment. Pretty easy on the eyes...

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