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Bizarre KING

130XE PAL & MyIDE II issue

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On 1/6/2021 at 8:49 AM, Bizarre KING said:

HI, I have a PAL 130xe and the MyIDE II cart and some classic and homebrew games don't works, however I test them in emulator and they work, where should I start looking for errors? thanks

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Yeah, using MyIDE II on it's own will has some memory conflicts if you are using the MYBIOS that loads into the Atari's RAM.

The way to avoid that conflict completely is to pair MyIDE II with a SysCheck 2 which allows you to run MYBIOS without stepping on Atari's memory.  I assume you could do this other ways as well if you have a way to run an alternate BIOS file.  The key is to run MYBIOS without taking up the Atari's RAM to do so.  I use MyIDEII + SysCheck running the MYBIOS ROM version and it's great for these situations.


The other thing I'd recommend is try getting XEX's for those games you are having issue with from the Homesoft site.  Many of those have been adjusted and will work even with the MyIDEII and MYBIOS running from RAM.



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If there are particular XEX games that do not want to load from MyIDE 2 FAT32 loader ( it is not sure to me whether you try to do that ) you could try to use my patching procedure for those games. I have to look it up myself, but it is on this forum somewhere.


I noticed that there are some flaws in the FAT32 loader and that some games do not run (XEX). I fixed that with some kind of universal patcher. It worked extremely well. 

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