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I use this fast track copier on my second system. It's equipped with a Corcomp disk controller card.

I'm wondering if there's any way the default copy drive can be changed from drive 2 to drive 3?

My drive 3 is a 3.5.

The program runs out of XB.


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I just too a quick look at the file with TIDIR with a hex view of the file.  It's got embedded assembly code, however the program is relatively short.  I'm guessing it wouldn't be too difficult to disassemble since it is so short.  I have a suspicion it is just a matter of changing a byte from a >02 to >03, somewhere........


How quick is the disk copy process?  Is it one of the < 30 second copiers, or something a bit longer.  I ask, as there is a program, Rapid Copy for the TI-99/4A if memory serves me correct, that is pretty fast, and should have all kinds of configuration and setup options and should not require any editing.

Now, if you had a Geneve, then there was HyperCopy which is THE FASTEST disk copier out there.


Anyways, just throwing some options and a bit of info out there.  I did take the time to run the program and code through DiskAssembler and the output is attached here if someone wants to look through it and potentially identify the byte(s) that may need to be changed.  Hopefully, it would be just a byte change, though no promises.




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