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Stella 6.5 released

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2 hours ago, Thomas Jentzsch said:

Not necessary. The link is already there. :) 


See Todo List.


Ahh - I had missed that. It may not be an obvious place to look for someone who wishes to report a bug, however.

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On 7/6/2021 at 10:34 PM, Rodney Hester said:

I've found a rather fascinating but harmless bug that only seems to affect the R77 build.


The "items found" count on the main games path is one less than the number of games actually present/listed.  It's not that any are 'missing', if you hand count them, it's always 1 higher than the count displayed in the upper right.  This doesn't happen on the Windows build, at least.

I confirmed there is indeed a fixed subtraction of 1 from the count for the top-level and subdirectories in stella/src/gui/LauncherDialog.cxx:


434   buf << (myList->getList().size() - 1) << (myShortCount ? " found" : " items found");


whereas it should only be subtracted from subdirectories on the Retron 77.


The following inelegant version of the affected function solves it for R77, it's unknown to me whether the same situation exists on Unix/MacOS:

void LauncherDialog::updateUI()
  int countOffset = 1;
  #if defined(RETRON77)
    countOffset = (currentDir().hasParent() ? 1 : 0);

  // Only hilite the 'up' button if there's a parent directory

  // Show current directory

  // Indicate how many files were found
  ostringstream buf;
  buf << (myList->getList().size() - countOffset) << (myShortCount ? " found" : " items found");

  // Update ROM info UI item

A corrected release build of 6.5.3 in SD card form is attached if anyone's interested in my pedantry.  :)


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I have a question about moving "Snapshots" from default location. When ever I do that, Stella seems unable to retrieve the image or display it in the "Snapshot" panel. It will store the image in the new location, but will not display it in the main screen of the UI. If I move it back to default, everything works fine. I know it is probably something simple I am over looking, but for right now it has me stumped. 

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