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Intellivision Collection Bundles for Sale (Everything's sold)

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EDIT:  Everything is sold now.


I built up quite a collection of pre-crash consoles and games back when I was heavily hitting thrift stores in the late 80's & early 90's, but I've decided to pare down my many consoles, primarily the ones I collected "just because they were there".  First up is my Intellivision collection.  I've broken many of them into "lots" as I was planning to ebay anything that didn't get any interest (and then whatever didn't get interest on ebay I was going to try to sell locally for cheap bundled with my Intellivision).  Everything has been tested and verified to work with an original Intellivision.   Also, everything I acquired was from thrift stores, so on some of the boxes you may still see discount price stickers from 1990.


(1 WEEK LATER EDIT:  Most of the rarer items and 3rd party lots I've put on e-bay, all of the "commons" that are not crossed out are still available, knocked down the price 50 cents a game)


PAYMENT NOTE:  I'll be asking for payment via paypal - we can share details in PM's.


SHIPPING:  I will be primarily shipping via small ($8.30), medium ($15.05) or large flat rate boxes ($21.10) from USPS, with contents wrapped in bubble wrap.  Buyer pays shipping.  I can fit a maximum of 4 boxed games (without laying boxes flat) in a medium box.  If you are OK with me gently folding the boxes flat then many more can be fit into medium flat rate boxes.  If enough is purchased that exceeds what a large flat rate box we can discuss UPS ground.  As of now I only plan on shipping where flat rate boxes will go (which I believe is just the continental USA).


I will typically ship no later than the Saturday following receipt of payment.  


Commons - $2.50 each (anything with a box will require at least a medium size flat rate box) *DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING*
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Cartridge, Box, x2 Overlay
Armor Battle Cartridge, Manual
Astrosmash Cartridge, Box, x2 Overlay
Auto Racing Cartridge, Manual, x2 Overlay
Backgammon Cartridge
Baseball (Blue Label) Cartridge
Bowling Cartridge
Bump N' Jump Cartridge
BurgerTime Cartridge, Overlay
Buzz Bombers Cartridge
Chess Cartridge
Dungeons & Dragons (Advanced, white label) Cartridge
NFL Football Cartridge, Box, Manual & Playbook, Overlay
Frog Box Cartridge
Horse Racing Cartridge
Kool-Aid Man Cartridge
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack Cartridge, multiple intellivision boxes, Super Video Arcade Box, Manual, Sears Manual, x2 overlay
Las Vegas Roulette Cartridge, Box
Loco-Motion Cartridge, Box, Manual
Loco-Motion Cartridge (Loose, with some mottling on label))
Major League Baseball Cartridge, Box, Manual
Masters of the Universe The Power Of He-Man Cartridge, Box (note writing on box), Manual, Overlay
Mission X (Red Label) Cartridge
Mission X (White Label) Cartridge
NASL Soccer Cartridge
NBA Basketball Cartridge, Box, Basketball Overlay
NFL Football Cartridge, Box, Football Playbook & Manual, Football Overlay
NHL Hockey Cartridge, Box
Night Stalker (Red Label) Cartridge, x2 Overlay
Night Stalker (White Label) Cartridge
Golf Cartridge, PGA Golf Box, PGA Golf Manual, Golf x2 Overlay
Pinball Cartridge
Reversi Cartridge, Box, Manual, x2 Overlay
Royal Dealer Cartridge, Manual, x2 Overlay
Sea Battle Cartridge, Box, Overlay
Shark! Shark! Cartridge, Box, Manual
Sharp Shot Cartridge & Overlay
Skiing Cartridge, x2 Overlay
Snafu Cartridge, Box, x2 Overlay
Soccer Cartridge, x2 Overlay
Space Armada Cartridge, Box, Manual, x2 Overlay
Space Battle Cartridge, Box, Manual
Space Hawk Catridge, Manual, x2 Overlay
Star Strike Catridge, Box, Manual, x2 Overlay
Sub Hunt Catridge, Box, Manual
Tennis Cartridge
The Electric Company Word Fun Cartridge
Triple Action Cartridge, Manual, Overlay
Tron Deadly Discs Cartridge, Box, Manual, x2 Overlay
Tron Maze-A-Tron Cartridge, Box, Manual
Utopia Cartridge, Box (Super Video Arcade), Manual (Sears), Manual (Regular), x2 Overlay
Vectron Cartridge, x2 Overlay

I also have some spare boxes that don't have cartridges.  Any number of them are free with an order provided they fit in the box.
NFL Football
Space Battle
Space Battle
Sea Battle
Lock 'N' Chase



Common Cartridges



Common Manuals



Common Overlays



Common Boxes












Edited by littaum
Crossed out items purchased so far, removed items that are ebay'd, lowered common price
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I've taken everything that isn't common and wasn't sold and put it up on e-bay.  Link to those auctions is here:



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